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Liverpool EDL’s vendetta against the working class

(althoutfollowing article deals only with Liverpool branch of EDL tossers, same sort of ideas and attitude prevail amongst other EDL “divisions”, so we decided it is worth to publish this one on our website after nicking it from Liverpool Antifascists one- thans guys!)

Although I and others have long noted the English Defence League’s anti-working class agenda, it seems that of late the Liverpool Division have decided to ramp it up a notch. Today, few will have been surprised to hear that several EDL members came out in opposition to the demo against the BNP conference. But it’s not just anti-fascist events they have been targeting.

At the end of September, they had stood with the BNP at a demonstration outside the filming of Question Time after telling their members: “Liverpool City Centre will be swarming with UAF, LiverAF and Trade Unionists tonight. Get Involved and Enjoy. On Thursday as 100+ people demonstrated against the City Council’s plans to cut another £50 million in jobs, welfare and public services, two EDL came along to heckle. The following day they announced that they were “patrolling for leftys” [sic] and soon found some “protesting outside the LMH building on Lime St/London Road.” These were workers who had been laid off by the council after an outsourced company went bust and had been holding regular demonstrations since the end of August.

Clearly, any working class person standing up for a cause has now become fair game for Liverpool EDL. No matter where they are from or what they are protesting, they are “lefties” and it is their duty – as they put it yesterday – to “do the cunts.”

This all fits in with the agenda announced back in March by “Snowy” – a member of the EDL splinter group, the Infidels – whereby the fascists would “put all our efforts into opposing everything [left-wingers] do regardless of the issue at hand.” As I noted at the time, it was clear that “the fascists have thrown their lot in against organised workers,” and Liverpool EDL have been more than willing to follow that example. They are now promising to put all their energy into counter demos and “run the streets like a mob.”

The EDL, and their Liverpool Division most explicitly, are enemies of the working class. This fact was already apparent to many, but an open declaration of war against organised workers willing to stand up for their interests only underlines this fact. By taking such a stance, they have put themselves firmly on the same side as the bosses – as fascists so often do at times of heightened class conflict.

This point renders the need for working class unity against fascism more urgent. Fighting the far-right is not a specialised task to be outsourced to specific groups, but a job for all of us who do not wish to be divided by bigotry and violence. When the BNP, the EDL, or any other fascists are on the streets, working class people should be out there ready to stand up against them. This means countering their propaganda and making our voices louder than theirs. But it also means being prepared to physically resist them when they attack us or invade our communities.

¡No Pasarán!


The last gasp of EDL? by Malatesta

(We wouldn’t necessarily agree with everything in this aticle, but Malatesta’s writing is as usual very interesting and packed with funny and interesting info, so enjoy)


‘We’re going nowhere down the road!’

Well what a resounding success that wasn’t! The English Defence League’s ‘last national demo’ in Birmingham at the weekend was more like the last gasp of an increasingly riven and moribund mob. Scarcely a couple of hundred bothered to turn up to stand in the rain before being shunted into coaches and moved out again. As usual the EDL said they would demonstrate ‘where we want, when we want’ but of course it was an utter shambles, they bottled out and plod gave them a time and a place only to shift it in the last few days and gave them two hours tops to do whatever it is they do these days.

Various EDL Facebook sites were asking where was the usual opposition and the answer is that most antifascists can’t be bothered with the EDL anymore as they are clearly going nowhere and besides which, there are more important things going on at the moment. EDL splits, rivalries, rows over money, egomania and plain bad behaviour has seen the ranks dwindle over the last 6 months or so and they are looking weaker and weaker with every demo. The Infidels break away has affected the EDL’s numbers significantly. As with all fascist grupuscules too many people want to be Del-Boys and not enough want to be Rodney’s. The average EDL eejit hasn’t much money to spend gadding around the green and pleasant to be kettled in by coppers and ignored by the media. Any media attention they’ve got has been wholly negative because rather than talking to journalists the EDL attack them instead. Lads, as journalists are your conduit to the national media and they determine the tone of reportage, attacking them is not going to endear you to them.

The EDL really thought they would fare better than previously in the jewel of the Midlands: 1st time they went, loads got nicked, they got battered and were humiliated. Did they really think that this time would go smoothly? The local MP and various councillors called for a ban given the large policing bill they were landed with the last time the EDL came to ‘defend’ the town. Plod proved wiser than usual and had them under heavy manners right from the moment they got off their coaches. Then the 250 assembled in the drizzle and were told off by the speaker for throwing fireworks and bottles in their usual ‘peacefully protesting’ manner. Shame on you boys! The speaker did not condemn the racist statements and half-arsed Nazi salutes though. Most of the pubs either closed or refused to serve beer to them and they ended up in the Walkabout Aussie theme bar whilst the riot cops outnumbered them outside. Liverpool, Croydon and some Yorkshire members managed to get out of bed and probably wish they hadn’t as they could have donated all that hard earned to the EDL’s royal couple, Stella and Charlie. Nottingham EDL’s Joanne ‘Bus Stop’ Dickens said she was going as did Hayley and the Plymouth EDL/Combined Ex-Forces despite the fact Tommy had said they were ex-communicated. Has Tommy been fibbing again?

Anyway, to cap it all off, after the usual long winded speeches, bored and drunken yobs ‘spoiled it’ for the assembled numbers by fighting amongst themselves again. The fallout on the forums was inevitable: many complained that the static demos are getting nowhere; that the racists and Nazi saluters are still there (they’re your core constituents chaps!); that many were drunk and out of control fighting with cops and stewards; and that once again EDL looked like drunken, racist hooligans. Well, that’s because you are! Much dismay, accusations of bottling, resignations and insults were flying about on the net which was great fun to read. There has been a call for an EDL national meeting which will no doubt be a disaster and end with a load of pissed up hooligans all trying to have their say and fighting with each other instead of sorting out their political future. And the numbers of supporters at demos continues to decline. One of the reasons is that many EDL have been arrested and their bail conditions prohibit them from going anymore. That is if they haven’t been sent to prison already! Scarcely a week goes by without yet another EDL lobo-case being sent down for their stupid, drunken, racist antics. Check out our friends on Everything EDL

and EDL News

for more info on the recidivist yobbos!

And where was ‘Sir’ Tommy? At Tower Hamlets he promised us he would show up for every national demo despite his bail conditions. However after getting remanded on the nonce wing following the Tower Hamlets ‘victory,’ Tommy has not been overenthusiastic about another stint at Her Maj’s Pleasure – though this may be about to change. Tommy also hasn’t learnt from his many previous mistakes: after the Jodie Marsh and Joey Barton photo fiascos, he was pictured with some crap magician who has since denied knowing who he was. Maybe you should ask Jeremy Paxman instead Tommy, he REALLY likes you!

Infi-Del Boys

After the sparsely attended embarrassment of their Leeds debut, the Infidels ended up meeting renegade EDL, SDL and other partial-wits for a show of, err, strength, in Newcastle. However, they did a lot better than the Newcastle National Front turnout which numbered a pathetic 8 fascists stood looking clueless in the Toon. Feeling their usual lager bravery some Infidels and other National Front Bottoms attacked the Occupy Newcastle site which fascist forums claimed to be a ‘victory.’ But this was not enough violence so the associated eejits decided to battle it out between themselves instead and happily kicked each other in the testicles for 20 minutes. Don’t take our word for it! Check out our friends in Lancaster!

Check out the axe merchant! This infighting reveals yet more splits amongst the tiny far right grupuscules and the blossoming romance between the Front Bottoms and the  Infidell-ends is over.

The EDL and other associated grupuscules are scab organisations doing the self-defeating work of the ruling classes for them: they attacked the Occupy Newcastle site which is protesting against corporate greed and the unaccountability of capitalist organisations; they threatened to attack students who were protesting against education cuts and view all  students as ‘middle clarse’ which is naïve beyond belief; and they opposed the massive march against cuts which was protesting against the decline in living standards, government austerity and attacks on public sector jobs and pensions.  No doubt, they will oppose future demonstrations which are supported by tens of thousands – unlike their squalid little demonstrations which most people and the media completely ignore.

Fail, Bail, Jail.

So, this has not been a good year for Tommy Robinson: the Infidels split and other petty fallouts have drastically affected numbers on EDL demos; Tommy got nicked and remanded at Tower Hamlets, spent some time inside on the nonce’s wing on ‘hunger strike’ and on his release he went for a Halal Nando’s which gave him a poorly tummy; he got a guilty on the Luton football hooligan thing and he is still under investigation for fraud and has had his assets seized. When the headbutt case comes up on the 3rd November he probably won’t be going home for tea that night (his favourite is spaghetti hoops and fish fingers. No foreign muck for Tommy!). All of which will leave
the EDL leadership in the less than capable hands of Hel ‘And Damnation’ Gower, who is 70 and everyone hates (she likes Soleros and Weetabix best) and Kocaine Kev Karol (turkey Twizzlers and a whole Vienetta), a less than gifted public speaker and organiser. Maybe it’s time for Tommy to wrap it up and grab what little cash is left before it all goes horribly wrong. Or not.


Our antifascist friends way down on the south coast have launched a call for a more coherent antifascist organisation. Check them out here!

A Very Poor Show! by Malatesta

Well it was a damp squib in more ways than one for the first ‘national’ Infidels demonstration in Leeds today when scarcely a handful of Aryan warriors turned up, stood in the rain, were outnumbered by plod and generally failed to make an impression despite all their big talk recently. In case you don’t know, the nfidels faction split off from the English Defence League for several reasons: they don’t like Israel, they don’t like gays  and they don’t like the fact that Tommy Lox and Lemon has been getting all that media  adulation, especially as it was Snowy what was on the roof at Dudley and is the real hero! FACT! The Infidels dislike of the EDL’s multicultural racism and things like the Tower Hamlets fiasco was upsetting the more excitable elements of the EDL so the ‘leadership’ of John ‘Snowy’ Shaw has been trying to appeal to the more out and out fascist contingent that he feels at home with. This is presumably so they can all discuss The Protocols Of Zion at the Infidels Remedial Readers Club next Monday.

The Infidels don’t like the fact that the EDL liaise with plod so decided to organise a big flash demo ‘somewhere in the North’ to catch Plod out and wrong foot any anti-fascists who may be tempted to turn up and watch them getting drookit. However, their bottle went and they ended up liaising with plod and announcing the Leeds meet up a week or so ago. Consequently, and far be it for us to praise him, PC Plod put them in a kettle and let them absorb some of that fine Yorkshire rainwater that we all know and love for a few hours to cool their ardour. Those Infidels who were hoping for a racist free for all were sorely disappointed and they had to stand about, cold, wet and dying for a wee-wee until they were allowed to disperse. Some ended up in the Slug And Lettuce for a hot cup of cocoa and a bun whilst others headed off to the Hourglass Bar for something a bit more exotic. For the Hourglass is a gay bar and a perfect place for an all male lap  dance and a nose full of poppers. Rumours that there is now an Infidels Gay Division are mainly untrue.

What we can ascertain is that the Infidels are trying to appeal to disenfranchised EDL and BNP members and other hing oots from disparate fascist grupuscules who are fed up with the current  fascism-lite on offer and want a bit more argy-bargy! And they’re doing really well from what we have seen so far. Despite appealing to all ‘Nationalists,’ many on the far-right websites either
responded to Snowy’s callout with apathy or they simply had other plans. Other hooligan casuals were no doubt watching their local footie teams and did not want to waste an afternoon being surrounded by plod in some corner of West Yorkshire’s finest city (despite the great beer and pies down there). There’s another Casuals United do at Blackpool soon that Nazi Jeff ‘Stabber’ Marsh has been puffing of late but this will no doubt be much smaller giving the internecine feuds between the various EDL factions.  And it’s going to be cold there boys, so don’t forget your cagoules!

Meanwhile the EDL Angels – or Angles as their more illiterate Twitters call them (and there’s not many angles, more a succession
of cellulite packed curves) – went to that London to shout at Mr Dave in Downing Street on Saturday. Unlike everyone else though they didn’t realise that Mr Dave doesn’t actually live there but resides in Chipping Sodomy and was at a Bring and Buy Sale today. Although The EDL Angles Demo was originally meant to be an all girls affair the lads decided to back them up in case of trouble and it’s a good job they did because hardly anyone turned up despite the Angles trumpeting it from the top of Hel ‘She’s A Right’ Gower’s shed (where she keeps her emergency Weetabix and Soleros in case the Muslamics take over and ban them!). The aim of the demo was to present a petition about something or other which had a  rather paltry 300 signatures on it. There was originally a lot more but nasty Neo-Lib-Con-Dem-UAF-Searchlight-Photoshopped-Muslamics kept putting rude words on it so they had to delete at least half of them. No doubt it will be the first of Mr Dave’s priorities when he gets to work on Monday morning.

More interestingly is the future of Tommy Robinson which is
hanging in the balance. Not unsurprisingly he was found guilty of assault 2 weeks ago for headbutting someone at the  Blackburn demo and he is awaiting probation reports. Seeing as he has done a year for assault already – he was happily battering his girlfriend when an off-duty plod intervened and got a kick in the head for his troubles – and he has recently been done for football violence and is basically a career criminal, it doesn’t look good. If he is sent down he may well do another hunger strike between breakfast and lunch whilst he is living it up on the nonce wing again (and unfortunately for Tommy, Nando’s do not deliver to the nick). Then there is the question of who will step into his little tiny trainers and take over the EDL leadership. Seeing as Snowy has formed his own boys brigade (no girls, no gays, and no Jews!), Guramit Singh flew the coop yonks ago, Joel Titus is banned from  such activity and so on, this leaves only Hel ‘Tower of Power’ Gower and ‘Kocaine’ Kev Karol at the office. Gower, who is 70, is incapable of organisation or keeping her trap shut and a lot of EDL people hate her and if Kocaine Kev’s organisational skills are as good as his speeches then they’re pretty fucked. An interesting situation to be sure. The Infidels are likely to step it up a pace and try to capitalise on the EDL’s many misfortunes but seeing as they can hardly get a bus full for their first national demo, it don’t look good. So what next? Blackpool is unlikely to be massively attended, the EDL’s fortunes continue to decline and the Infidels debut has been a poor do indeed. We shall see.

EDL Unveil New child Sex Offender

Another English Defence League child sex offender has been revealed. John Snowy Shaw of the EDL’s breakaway group the North West Infidels broke the news yesterday when Micheal Coates aka Mickey Blue eyes was revealed as a habitual child sex attacker using several false surnames in an effort to keep his identity concealed from his new partner.

Another English Defence League child sex offender has been revealed. John Snowy Shaw of the EDL’s breakaway group the North West Infidels broke the news yesterday when Micheal Coates aka Mickey Blue eyes was revealed as a habitual child sex attacker using several false surnames in an effort to keep his identity concealed from his new partner.

On hearing Coates was in prison, Shaw made enquiries in order to offer support only to find out his true identity and issued the following statement.

Yesterday I discovered that Miki Blueeyes is currently in prison and due to the fact he was one of our friends I contacted people in order to get his details so we could write and visit him.

He’s currently in prison for smashing his neighbours car and setting fire to for reporting him for drugs, excessive drinking and loud music. Due to the fact he has access to his young daughter social services were brought in and they have inform her mother that he has 14 pervious charges for sexual offences and has been using 4 different surnames in order to keep this from coming out.

This is the reason he isn’t allow access to his other children and why social services have told his youngest daughters mother that they have to have no further contact with him. I suggest anyone one his friends list remove him immediately and have no further contact with this sick man.

I don’t care about the reputation of the NWI, my main concern is the children of people on his friends list and of his friends. It makes me sick to know I have had this man in my house near my young children and I’m just relieved that I never left them in his care. Myself and the NWI will have nothing more to do with this animal and I hope you all heed this warning and keep him out of your lives.

After making further enquires about Miki the fact he is a sex offender was confirmed from 2 other people that knew him (they were informed recently) and it was also discovered that he wasn’t has he said a Beeston born and bred lad. I was then given the 4 surnames he has used one being his real one Michael Coates and after searching the net I found this link. So there’s no doubt about it so get this animal off your friends list and we have closed the NWI (Yorkshire) page down as he was associated with it.

Something else disgusted me yesterday was the fact that edl support group were more bothered about denying he was edl then warning people about this animal, the admin on that page should hang their heads in shame. He like the rest of us was edl first then NWI.

Coates has previously threatened to ‘kidnap a paki’ and douse him in petrol

This was not his first offence and this article was published on Children Have Rights website in March 2002. Coates was jailed in 2003 for acts committed five years previous after he had persuaded his victim to drop charges.

Children Have Rights is a controversial ‘vigilante name and shame’ anti paedophile website set up by EDL member Chris Wittwer who has recently been released from a stretch in prison for football hooliganism.
‘My living hell’ by sex attack victim

A teenager today told how she suffered a ‘living hell’ at the hands of a serial sex abuser.

The 18-year-old victim, who cannot be identified, said she suffers nightmares about her ordeal.

A teenage sex-abuse victim endured years of “inner torture” after she was persuaded to drop her allegations against her attacker, a Court heard.

Self-confessed child molester Michael Coates got sympathy for himself by falsely claiming that he too had been a victim of sexual abuse and the girl was pressured into not proceeding with her allegations against him.

It was only three years later when Coates was finally charged with a series of sex offences, including two attempted rapes, that he admitted his own sex-abuse story was a pack of lies.

Today the 23-year-old Bradford man was beginning a six-year jail sentence for the repeated abuse which he accepted had developed from “experimenting” as a ten-year-old boy into a habit.

Coates, now of no fixed abode, pleaded guilty to a total of eight charges of indecent assault and two of attempted rape in relation to the first girl and a further four offences of indecent assault in relation to a second.

During yesterday’s hearing at Bradford Crown Court Coates’ barrister Jonathan Rose handed Judge Roger Scott a copy of a suicide note his client had written.

In it he described himself as a child molester and offered his apologies to the two girls for what he had done.

Jailing Coates, Judge Scott told him that he regarded him as a danger to children and highlighted the fact he had told a series of dramatic lies for his own purposes.

“That poor girl must have had a very, very long period of inner torture…she attempted to kill herself as I understand it,” he said.

He said it was a further aggravating feature of the case that Coates had used bribery through sweets, money and cigarettes in exchange for sexual favours.

In addition to the jail sentence, Coates will also have to register with the police as a sex offender for the rest of his life.

Prosecutor John Hitchen told the court that the first girl had suffered flashbacks and nightmares after deciding to drop the proceedings in 1998, but she eventually challenged Coates about what he had done in the autumn of last year.

Coates was arrested in October and made admissions in relation to the allegations made by the two girls.

Mr Rose conceded that Coates’ offending had turned into a habit and he was unable to stop himself until he reached the age of 19 in 1997.

He pointed out that since then Coates had not committed any further offences of a sexual nature.

“This is a very young man about to start a sentence for offences against children and through the duration of that sentence he will have no one….it’s going to be a very lonely and a very difficult time,” said Mr Rose.

His teenage victim said: “He knew what he was doing was wrong when I was telling him to stop, now it is too late. I think they should throw away the key.”

The teenager said she was given strength and support from her partner and his family after she explained her background which gave her the courage to go to the police.

“It is something I had to do and I came out feeling a great relief that hopefully he would be put away,” she said.

“It is really good to know that there is someone out there that cares and loves you and I have never felt so loved in my life – they are one in a million.”

The girl, who left school with no GCSEs, has now found an office job and is studying NVQs to further her career in administration.

She says working also helps to keep her occupied so she is not haunted by memories of her past.

She said: “I would say to other people to speak out. It helps when you have got support behind you to go and tell someone.

“Even if you don’t go to the police, go to a counsellor and talk about it and they might be able to help.”

Typicaly, despite running demos against Muslim child sex abusers, the English Defence League have denied that Coates is part fo the EDL reminicent of last year’s cover up of child sex abuser and founder Richartd Price who leadership described as a ‘political prisoner’ when he was jaled for indecent images of children and cocaine pocession.

EDL News
- Homepage:

It’s Time For Tommy Robinson! by Malatesta


Dateline: Rhyl National Express.

Well, the Malatestas missed all the fun at the weekend because we were at  Nanatesta’s caravan in Rhyl. There is no TV or radio reception so we couldn’t keep abreast of the goings on in London. MacMalatesta disgraced himself on the 1st day by getting blootered on ‘3 boatils ah Bucky’ and Nanatesta made him sleep under the caravan for the duration. We also got banned from the Leek & Bucket boozer following a violent
altercation between Nanatesta and the landlord over what is and  isn’t acceptable in a meat pie filling. She is insistent that there is NO nutritional value in rawl plugs!


‘Norman Yaxley Lennon, you are an habitual criminal who accepts arrest as an ccupational hazard!’

What an eejit! Tommy Robinson had talked up the EDL’s stupid Tower Hamlets march for so long that despite his bail conditions he had to make an appearance. And of course, he got nicked (although why plod had not arrested him for several previous infractions
is still a wee bit of a mystery). So he turned up dressed as a rabbit or something and after some grandstanding on his ever diminishing platform he was lifted and is now remanded at Her Maj’s Pleasure. His ‘martyrdom’ was a self-written prophecy and the choice was bleak: either not turn up and lose face or show up and get nicked. Rumour has it he’s on the nonce wing so he won’t be able to explain the finer points of the EDL’s ideology to any Muslim prisoners who happen to be inside with him. If he is on the nonce wing then we hope he will just sit there and think about what he has done! Tommy will not be
acquainting himself with the EDL’s royal couple Stella and Charlie for a while so will have to make do with lousy food and the occasional bad tempered visit from his wife to whom he has just got hitched. In sickness and in health eh, Tommy? Tommy has said he is going on hunger strike and other incarcerated EDLers are going to join him. And there are plenty of those  including the eejit who just got 5 months for smacking a plod.

The EDL have called upon Amnesty International to help Tommy, their ‘political prisoner.’ Is that the same Amnesty International they were slagging off last year by any chance? Listen boys! Amnesty deal with grown up problems not petty criminals who have been jailed for assaulting women and policemen, assaulting ‘comrades’ and
football related violence. Tommy is not a ‘political prisoner’ but a career criminal
who broke his bail conditions. The guy with the fluffy hat in the boring court
room lays out these conditions and you have to stick to them. Otherwise you go
to jail! It’s not that complex.

Saturday’s demo in Londonseemed to lack co-ordination somewhat. Various EDL divs landed in London and were either not allowed to get to the RV point or were shepherded in smaller groups to Aldgate where they were kettled in before being escorted away by plod from several forces. The RMT union also refused to liaise with plod and deal with the anti-union scab organisation. One of the adorable bunnies from the EDL sprayed lighter fluid or similar on a photographer and set them on fire whilst another desperate member groped a female journalist. Surely there’s better ways to meet women lads?

The EDL are claiming that they marched after all but they failed. Plod had them in a mobile kettle. And they are also claiming that they got to Tower Hamlets but they failed on that one too. They just about saw the arse end of the City and that’s it. They
were supposed to march ‘where we want, when we want’ but successfully didn’t.
Boozers aplenty refused to open or serve them, all the car parks were off-limits
and they were hopelessly outnumbered by plod and antifascists. They arrived in much lower than expected numbers – 10,000 expected, 1,000 turned up, result: much acrimony over people not showing. They had talked it up so much on Facebook that they ended up believing their own wretched rhetoric and many are secretly – and not so secretly – disappointed. With this embarrassing failure and the arrest of Tommy, the good ship EDL is now being crewed by Kocaine Kev Karol and the bickering harridan duo of Hel ‘hath no fury’ Gower (BNP, Combat 18 supporter) and Roberta ‘say no’ Moore of the Jewish division who hate each other. Well Kev, time to don the Captain’s hat and guide it away from the rocks. Wee Tam turned up arm in arm with Roberta and that lad who runs the Jewish division despite saying they were proscribed from the EDL and despite the amount of negative sentiment from many of the rank and file towards them. Alan Lake turning the screws then Tommy?

Many EDL divisions have expressed their concerns over yet another compromise by the EDL ‘leadership’ liaising with plod and getting a shite deal. Lots of them wasted time and money on getting down to the smoke for ‘the little big one’ and were angered by the weakness of resolve in their own divisions.

Highlight of the internet pickings is the footage of the Nottingham coach getting attacked by angry locals and the EDL Angel crashing to earth with scorched wings. Whilst ‘Malatesta’ does not condone violence against women (unlike Tommy who was jailed for assaulting a girlfriend) if you join an openly provocative march to cause trouble and you get trouble, then don’t whine about it. The lady in question is called Joanne Dickens and she sports a Celtic cross on her lady lumps. A friend of ours questioned her about this on Facebook and she claimed that it was not a right wing symbol. Aye and neither is this
swastika on me arse love! Other friends of ours have put up screenshots from her Facebook account and she is hardly a paragon of virtue.

To cap it all, she was escorted away from angry counter-demonstrators by ‘horrible terrorist Muslamics’ which is most embarassing. But what really put the currants in the clootie was the fact that the entire busload of Nottingham eejits left her behind and  then all got nicked after being routed and humiliated. Shame on you boys!

The Splits Continue!

The Northwest and Northeast Infidels are coming up to auld Reekie – that’s Edinburgh to you Jimmy! – for a do on the 10th where they will no doubt be hopelessly outnumbered by antifascists, after all the Scottish Defence League and the EDL’s record north of the border is hardly impressive. John ‘Snowy’ Shaw has threatened all manner of violence against opponents on Facebook which the polis will no doubt find helpful.

Not only that but Billy ‘Bunter’ Baker of the English Nationalist Alliance has been poking his neb in. Bill hates Hel Gower – and Tommy who booted him out of the EDL – so has
been aligning himself with all manner of puddin’ heids. 2 weeks back he ‘helped’ the British Patriots Society ‘organise’ a march on Downing  Street but failed to turn up. He also set up a rival march the other side of town on Saturday but it is unclear if he got up in time or anyone else showed up. He has also fallen out with the Combined exForces (CxF) and been involved in a slanging match with them. The CxF were part of the Plymouth EDL ‘assault’ on a local kebab shop having ‘strong drink taken’ and they are
all facing charges and subject to bail restrictions. Pardon me for asking, but aren’t ex-forces supposed to be patriots who should follow the laws of the land? Our friends over on Everything EDL have kindly reposted a screenshot of Bill calling Hel Gower a ‘Nazi’ amongst other things – which is a wee bit rich coming from that fat fascist fuck. Baker highlighted Gower’s connections with Chris Renton, a rather unpleasant nonentity who is associated with the BNP and helped set up the EDL’s website. Crivvens Wullie! You’ll be accusing her of anti-Semitism next!

Of course, antifascists sites are abuzz with news that a certain EDL member named Michael Coates is a known paedophile. He is currently in nick for sex offences and
apparently is organising the EDL ‘Fiddlers Division’ with Richard Price.


So, the EDL ‘leadership’ has taken yet another massive knock: Tommy is in jail and Kocaine Kev is now in charge but he is a bit of a dick with limited organisational – and rhetorical – skills so will he be able to keep the disenchanted divisions onside  or Hel Gower and Roberta Moore from killing each other? Many members have declared their dissatisfaction over the debacle on Saturday and the Infidels are taking a more militant stance drawing the openly fascist contingent away from Tommy and the EDL. Their credibility is at an all time low and for that we are grateful.

Tower to the people!

It was going to be the ‘Big One’, the EDL’s grand day out in the capital city. They proudly proclaimed that they were going into the “Lion’s Den” — “Islamic hell-hole” — and what they no doubt had in mind when this hare-brained scheme was first announced was something like an Orange march through London’s biggest Muslim community, with drums beating and the chant of ‘E.E.EDL’ echoing off the walls of the East London Mosque as terrified Muslims fled. What actually happened was a half-arsed piss-up miles from Tower Hamlets. They predicted thousands would attend and only attracted hundreds. EDL Facebook posters have been reduced to claiming that Aldgate is by some spurious definition ‘in Tower Hamlets’ which is the equivalent of trying to pass off a Calais booze cruise as a seaborne invasion of the European mainland.

The Home Secretary intervened early in proceedings and banned marches for thirty days in the six surrounding boroughs. This is old hat to the EDL, who until recently always had their marches banned and have resorted to ‘static demonstrations’ in car parks around the country. These static demos basically revolve around drunken EDLers trying with varying degrees of success to break out of their police cordon and go on the rampage.

The ban seemed to come as bit of a surprise to the Unite against Fascism lot though — who had planned a march from Weaver’s Field around Tower Hamlets. To their credit, despite calls from the authorities for anti-fascists to stay at home now that a ban had been implemented, they re-located their protest to within 200 yards of the East London Mosque (the EDLs stated target),meaning that there was at least a strong presence on Whitechapel High St.


fash victim (photo by rikki)
fash victim (photo by rikki)



In the run-up to the event it was clear that the EDL leadership were getting panicky about numbers, posting on their official Facebook page “All the talking has been done leading up to today. Lets now see who walks the walk into tower hamlets for the ones who have been on the walls for weeks now saying cant wait for this one. well if you dont show you should hang your heads in shame.”[sic]. This seems to be a perennial problem for the League, they have thousands of wifi-warriors and facebook friends and for a demo in a safe zone like Luton they can pull in maybe three thousand on the streets, however anything more adventurous than that and their numbers start dropping into the hundreds. In fact Saturday’s demo was the same sort of size as their last ‘Big One’ in Bradford (see SchNEWS 737)

From the start of the day it was clear the cops had mobilised huge numbers to keep the two sides apart. The recent riots have left the Met with no wish to take chances. Their plan was to corral the EDL at Liverpool St Station and march them to within shouting distance of Tower Hamlets. But it was the Railways Union (RMT) who pulled off the biggest game changer of the day. The rail workers refused to allow the EDL to travel by train, forcing them to change their plans repeatedly at short notice. Eventually they were forced to gather at King’s Cross on totally the wrong side of the city. A representative of the RMT had this to say:

“The fascist EDL will be in London tomorrow morning. I have informed management that if they appear on any of our stations or trains, then there will be refusals to work on safety grounds of serious and imminent danger and stations will close. The RMT will not allow staff and the public to be put in danger by these thugs, who assaulted people on their last demo.”

When smaller groups of EDLers tried to get around on trains, some resourceful troublemakers stopped them in their tracks by pushing the emergency stop buttons on the trains. Eventually cops somehow got one train running and by 3pm had got the EDL to Moorgate tube. Spotters reported the crowd to be around the eight hundred mark. For reasons best known to himself EDL leader Tommy Robinson aka Stephen Yaxley-Lennon turned up to rally the drunken overweight patriots dressed as an Orthodox Rabbi (sadly not a rabbit as reported on Twitter). The EDL leader broke his bail to be there, so a disguise made sense, but mocking the religion that they’ve been trying to court is the sort of boneheaded stupidity that marks the nationalist mob.

Meanwhile the anti-fascist presence in the East End was building up. With police concentrating on creating a sterile zone around the EDLs protest site numbers were gathering at the junction of Commercial Rd and Whitechapel High St from midday onwards. (for geography buffs this is actually the boundary of Tower Hamlets). The way ahead was totally blocked and small groups that went scouting for routes into the EDL pen were soon turned back. Eventually the bulk of the UAF counter demo made its way down to junction to stand with the local youth and the non-aligned anti-fascists, numbering over 2,000. An hour passed scuffling with the police (with a few de-arrests) and waiting for an EDL break-out that never came. Most only saw a few George Cross flags fluttering in the distance. Eventually the flags retreated and the day seemed to be over — a slightly anti-climactic no score draw. Some groups of non-aligned anti-fash set off in the hope of encountering the league but were turned back by cops.


However by blind-chance (or possibly an over-reliance on Sat-Nav) locals were given the chance to go 1-0 in injury time. One EDL coach tried to make it past East London Mosque, with predictable results. Check out this thoroughly amusing video. The coach driver eventually sped off with hundreds of local youth and anti-fascists giving chase. Police vehicles raced alongside trying to head off the crowds and prevent a lynching. The coach was ambushed again in Mile End with rubble being hurled off a footbridge. Abandoning ship, the leaguers turned to the police for protection and were promptly nicked for violent disorder. Unconfirmed reports of attacks on other coaches are circulating.

Where now for the EDL? A dismal trudge around the country defending regional car-parks from the Islamic Caliphate? There are now splits aplenty as Tommy Robinson sets himself up as an unelected Fuhrer — with others being chased out of the movement or leaving to set up rival ‘Infidels’ groups (North West, North East and counting). For more excellent analysis albeit with a slightly contrived Scottish accent check out Malatesta. With the war in Afghanistan drawing to a close and Al-Qaeda on the back foot all over the Arab world their whole ‘raison d’etre’ seems to be withering away.

Meanwhile judging by numbers on Saturday the autonomous anti-fascist movement does seem to be finally waking from its slumber and beginning to make its presence felt on the streets.

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Tower Hamlets EDL

EDL: Putting The Ham Into Tower Hamlets!
‘We’re coming down the road, we’re coming down the road’ … and straight into the nearest carpark! Thankfully, Tower Hamlets has some excellent parking facilities for the English Defence League to defend this weekend if they turn up like they are saying they will following the blanket ban on marches in London. The car parks can be found on this website:
Yes indeed, despite the ban on a march through the London Borough of Tower Hamlets – which sounds like a nice wee village tae us – the EDL are going to turn up anyway and teach those smelly lefties and Muslamics a lesson and that’s what they said and that’s what they’re going to do cos Sir Tommy said so. FACT! So what’s happening?
Despite their usual bluff and bluster the EDL are privately worried (if you consider Twitter and Facebook private) about getting the numbers to Tower Hamlets on Saturday after talking up their big march through ‘enemy territory.’ By the way does the ‘enemy’ include working class Londoners who don’t want their Saturday ruined by a bunch of far right semi-tards in tracksuits? What is going to happen is this. Loads of plod. Loads of counter-demonstrators and locals annoyed that the EDL are causing a fuss. Loads of media. Loads of photos of the EDL again looking like a bunch of pissed-up football hooligans chanting racist slogans. If the EDL make it across London to the site that plod has allotted them, they will be heavily outnumbered, kettled and rapidly bussed out again after standing in some carpark dying for a wee-wee.
Regular readers will have been following the multiple splits that have occurred in the EDL camp recently and know about the reduction of the leadership to Kocaine Kev Karol and Tommy Caxley-Trousers who has to be in bed by 7 every night due to bail restrictions. Being the noble Aryan warrior that he is Tommy is saying he is still going to go turn up on Saturday – well he can’t lose face in front of his diminishing acolytes can he? We assume plod is aware of his intentions and will keep him in at playtime without any crisps!
The splits are getting even more acrimonious now with the North West Infidels, North East Infidels, the Combined ExFarcicals and numerous individual divisions sick of Tommy getting all the glory on telly whilst they stand about in pissy car parks having paid good cash for the privilege. So given this factional rivalry, will they all heed the calls for unity some EDLers have been shouting for. No. John ‘Snowy’ Shaw who Tommy ex-communicated years ago is seething at being left out of the limelight. Snowy’s pram was surrounded by toys earlier this week as he ranted and raved on Facebook about Tommy and then he declared support for the BNP, Combat 18 (why? They are all well over 70 now) and the National Front with others joining in saying they should also unite behind Johnny Adair, Paul Ray and the Blood and Honour movement. So, obviously still pushing the ‘non-racist’ line then Snowy?
Also, many people have lost the faith. Liverpool division are struggling to get 8 to That London but even better is the Plymouth lot. In case you don’t know the entire ranks of Plymouth EDL and Combined ExFarces were nicked for smashing up a kebab shop a few weeks ago. The ‘leader’ of these 4 people is a delightful girl named Hayley Mills who had booked a coach to take her ‘soldiers’ up to Tower Hamlets at 25 quid a pop. However, she has to answer bail on the day so will have lost out on making all that money from her fellow stooges and missed her chance to get her face on Sky telly. Maybe you should do what your mammy said and look after your bairns instead, Hayley? Other divisions are complaining that people are dropping out faster than Tommy can drop his ‘aitches’ and decrying their lack of bottle. To make matters worse posters are also saying that they are under bail restrictions so can’t do the show. You puffs! It isn’t stopping Sir Tommy! Shitters! Bah! Also, a lot of the EDL are without gainful employ so can’t afford tickets and even if they could they would only stand around complaining that 1/ the beer is too expensive and 2/ not as good as back home. Don’t take our word for it, check out the excellent Everything EDL for further details!
There’s also an excellent piece on EDL News on the ban:
Moving On …
In the last post we mentioned that a right bunch of Clooties called British Patriots Society were marching past Downing Street the other week to make a stand against something or other.
Our old friend from the English Nationalists Alliance, Bill ‘take me to the’ Baker was trumpeting away about leading his mini-march on Rome and was full of the usual blether and shouts for unity. However, many on the day were annoyed with Chubs Baker because he didn’t actually turn up! Bill, shame on you. When you organise something it is polite to dignify it with your buxom presence. Even for a wee while. And to add to this, Bill is doing another march on Downing Street at the same time the EDL will be standing in a carpark in the East End. Bill has fallen out with Mr Tommy and is aye slagging him off. Yeah, but at least he turns up Bill! The EDL are claiming that now Fatty Baker is trying to scupper their demo with fake stories: Lookit!
In general the fragmentation and clumsiness continues on the far right but the best story this week is from Hope not Hate which features loads of piccies of EDL members with guns:
The EDL Action Man Division are seen posing with crossbows, air rifles, shotguns and replica MP40  submachine guns (the ones Nazis use in war films!). This is just too reminiscent of the BNP at their last outdoor swamp meet when they all started posing with replica guns and baring their generous backsides for all to see! Look if ye dare!
Not great PR to be honest. So, will the EDL get to Tower Hamlets and if they do, how many will there actually be? Or will this be like Bradford and Luton ‘Big Ones,’ i.e., little ones. Now that the Infidels have dropped all pretence of being anything but fascists will they attract the flotsam from the moribund BNP and the jetsam from the other equally clueless grupuscules? And will Bill Baker finally make it to Downing Street this time so that Mr Dave can recognise his services to Queen and country? Or will he be distracted the new Greggs on Whitehall? Tune in next week …
PS: Hello to Urban75 posters on EDL Watch thread!

Cat Fights & Barneys! by Malatesta

Meeeeee-oooowwww! Don’t you just love a good cat fight? Far be it for the ‘Malatestas’ to feel any kind of schadenfreude when it comes to the associated idiots of the English Defence League but it is lovely to see those two hotties of the EDL, Roberta Moore of the Jewish Division and Hel Gower, Tommy Robinson’s PA, going it at it tooth and claw. Check out Gower the EDL’s smokin’ glamour girl here:


Hel Gower, who is 70, runs the EDL Support Group and is currently being accused of anti-Semitism, racism and not saying her prayers at bedtime over on the EDL Extra website and our wee chums on the excellent Everything EDL site have captured it all in its full and bloody glory! Lookit!


The EDL Extra site claims that ‘Hel-fire’ Gower has some kind of mystical pull over diminutive leader Stephen Napoleon-Lennon and this is why she is never chastised for her online outbursts and naughty behaviour! The toys are flying out of the prams as the Jewish division also claim to have names and evidence of the various EDLers involved in anti-Semitic smears. EDL Extra claim that Hel Gower is a supporter of the BNP, NF and geriatric ‘terror-gang’ Combat 18 – who readers will remember got turned over by the EDL in 2009 with 1 member catching the wrong end of a fire extinguisher. The claims made on Extra have been criticised by other EDLers for ‘making us look shit again.’ Now, now lads, you are perfectly capable of doing that yourselves by piling into a town uninvited, causing disruptions and damage and getting nothing but negative publicity in the media …
Incidentally, we have been going through the archives and have yet to find any complimentary publicity in the press about the EDL. They think that any publicity is good publicity but we think Gary Glitter and Jonathan King may disagree. There was the 1 piece in the Daily Star praising them but that was pretty much negated the following couple of weeks by negative reporting following a panic at Dirty Desmond’s HQ and the Star have subsequently reversed their position. Searchlight have also started using the Star to distribute anti EDL/BNP stories which used to go via The Mirror. But anyway … back in the cat house …


The Schisms Continue!
The EDL continue to fragment and the predominant schism appears to be the Infidels. These wee radges are more vociferously right wing and nationalist (i.e., racist!) than the Tommy Robinson Band with their ‘multicultural racism’, pro-Israel stance and gay friendliness. The Infidels split has energised the torpid jobbies on the various Nazi websites with VNNuk claiming that the Infidels are preferable to the ‘Zionist’ EDL and Shirtfront (rhyming slang) do as well. They have also claimed that Tommy and his boys legged it when confronted by the Infidels at Blackburn following the ‘outing’ by Tommy of an internet critic and the subsequent brawl at the coaches. Result: Infidels 1, Tommy, shat. The Infidels are supported by John ‘Snowy’ Shaw who was nicked at the Dudley rooftop protest. He left the EDL after falling out with Tommy who had raised a wad of cash for the ‘Snowy Defence Fund’ which has yet to be accounted for. We can only presume that the EDL royal couple, Stella and Charlie, benefitted somehow from the rotten proceeds. The Infidels have also said that the National Front would be welcome on any of their day trips. So they are not even attempting to disguise their far-right leanings.
See post 17!


In a more conciliatory tone Jeff ‘Stabber’ Marsh of the Casuals United has been urging people to stop using the ‘Allah/Mohammed is a pedo’ chant on demos. This week saw a couple of EDLers convicted in Halifax for such offensive chants and other posters agreed that it makes ‘the ELD [sic] sound like a bunch of retards.’ ‘Stabber’ Marsh is not concerned about causing offence rather than being caught. Stabber says ‘Stop it!’ but good luck with that Jeffrey. On the same thread a poster also claims that ‘there are no moderates in Islam there is only Islam, “moderates” is a western term and you wont find them using it.’ Which again illustrates the sophisticated, in-depth understanding that the ambassadors of non violence (and non-profiteering!) in the EDL have of world religions.


It just seems to be getting worse for Tommy and the EDL with many people realising the pointlessness of ‘defending’ various car parks from ‘Muslamic extremism.’ However, the Infidels are something to watch out for. Will they have the organisational nous to actually achieve something? We shall see …
And tomorrow, (Sat, 19th August) the powerhouse that is the British Patriots Society (it’s okay, we’d never heard of them either) are marching PAST Downing Street. Don’t they know Mr Dave will be away attending a Bring and Buy sale at Chipping Sodomy – he is in charge of the Tombola! Everyone’s a winner in the Big Society, eh Mr Dave? In case you don’t know, the British Patriots Society is an unpleasant tweedy conglomeration of UKIP (we talk, UKIP), UPP (You Pee Pee!) and Pompey Dave from March For England (who are regularly humiliated by our antifascist comrades in Brighton). What a sizzler!!! I know, we won’t be going either.


Belated Thanks!
The ‘Malatestas’ would just like to thank the following websites (amongst others) for posting up the articles: EDL News, Lancaster Unity and Brighton Antifascists. Crivvens! Even the British Democracy Forum have got in on the act as have, surprisingly, the Nazi loons on VNNuk – so thank you to ‘Big’ Bev Kerry, winner of ‘Camel Toe of the Year Award,’ 2006. Lovely.


No copyright.

EDL latest! by Malatesta

(Whilst we wouldn’t agree that sitting and letting EDL collapse on itself is a best strategy, nevertheless this is another brilliant and funny analysis of latest developments in “honestly-not-racist-guv” English Defence League)

EDL stumble from crisis to crisis! Read All Abaht It!

Crivvens, Jings and Help Ma Boab! Whit a week it’s bin. The EDL got a dreadful kicking in the media last week over the alleged connections with the Norwegian murderer Anders Breivik and spent inordinate amounts of energy denying it. Then folk on their forums said ‘actually, I met him/ had him as a friend’ on Facebook. Former EDL member Paul Ray was cited as an ‘influence’ on Breivik and Norwegian plod announced they wanted to interview him. Ray has subsequently been on Al Jazeera denying all knowledge of Breivik but no doubt revelling in the 15 minutes of media fame which everyone in the EDL vanity operation is so desperate for. Ray was booted out of the EDL by ‘Sir’ Tommy Robinson in the early ego clashes (much to our amusement) and spends his days greeting into his laptop aboot Tommy and his uncle ‘Kocaine’ Kev Karrol on his ridiculous Lionheart blog (which also features his Knights Templar obsessions and has a great pic of  him praying at some daft shrine or other!). The man’s a bampot and widnae know his bawbag fae a haggis!

Incidentally, EDL forum posters have started to refer to Tommy as ‘Sir Tommy’ as if Her Maj is going to knight an ex-convict woman beater who is under investigation for fraud amongst other things. Last week on some radio show Tommy of the ‘non-racist, non-violent’ EDL was quizzed about being found guilty for violence at a Luton football game that day to which he replied that he was ‘appealing’ as if this implies he is therefore not-guilty!  Tommy was sentenced to a 12-month community rehabilitation order, 150 hours of unpaid work and was banned from football grounds for three years. That’s a Big Guilty!

MAC Lads?

But that’s not all. At the weekend to try to show the world that they have nothing to do with right wing extremists the EDL sent a delegation to the Norwegian Embassy to lay a wreath in honour of the slain wee ones. This completely backfired: the Norwegians telt them tae get tae fuck and the media saw it as the crass publicity stunt it so clearly wis! Not only that but on the same day Anjem Choudhary’s March Against Reality eejits were marching from Leytonstone to Walthamstow so the EDL leadership warned people to stay away from it as the EDL could not afford any more negative publicity that week. This caused enormous outrage on the forums with some stating that the EDL was set up to counter Choudhary in the first place. Tommy, still reeling no doot from all the negative coverage, did not want to give the press any more ammunition. Of course, a tiny EDL mob turned up on the way to abuse MAC which caused a wee flutter in the Walthamstow Guardian. Apparently the EDL prevented Shariah law from being implemented in their pub and then went back to their beer and crisps (bacon flavoured, of course!). Apart from that, the demos passed off in their usual tedious manner and no doubt Choudhary  was upset because he gained so little publicity. The MAC and the EDL are 2 sides of the same eejit: vanity projects for deluded failures. As usual, the EDL think that because anti-fascists are against the EDL then they must therefore support MAC. Naive.

However, the demo further amplified the dissatisfaction of many EDLers with Tommy’s leadership ‘style’, i.e., distant, media hungry and kleptocratic, with someone over on the UKFD forum actually offering a leadership challenge. It is difficult not to compare this to the recent BNP leadership challenge which was manipulated right from the start. There is no way Tam is going let anyone take over his bean feast and the EDL conveniently have no elected officials or formal membership – or coherent manifesto – so his position is secure. However, this also means anyone can split off to become little Tommies to their own diminishing regional coteries as happened with the North East and North West Infidels. Oh dear!

To make matters even more hilarious Billy ‘Bunter’ Baker of the English Nationalist Alliance has slung his greasy fez into the slurry calling for unity! This occurs on an extremely regular basis on far right web forums and it never works. The far right rely on quantity not quality and the inevitable eejits and bams all join up with their own agendas. It always ends in tears!  Readers may recall Bunter being humiliated in Brighton a couple of times recently alongside the fact that Tam booted him out of the EDL after a televised debacle! Poor Chubs! Well he is now claiming that the ‘failure of the New World Order’ (bit 90s that Fats!) can be rectified by uniting the EDL and ENA. Which we all believe of course. Bilbo Bawbag also has his eye on taking the helm of an increasingly moribund ‘patriots movement.’ Although Tommy’s ego was no doubt boosted by all his media appearances last week he is looking increasingly isolated with the general fragmentation of membership and the flash demo tactic which render him pretty unnecessary. He will no doubt be flogging his cute little burkahs and hoodies whilst he can still coin it from the increasingly less gullible EDLers.

All Plymouth & No Troosers!

As if all this hasnae put the wind up Tam, – Breivik, the embassy debacle, the guilty verdict, the fragmentation – last weekend’s events in Plymouth caused even more embarrassment for the leadership. In case you didnae know, Plymouth EDL had a meet and greet (literally a greet later!) on Sunday when things got massively oot of hand after they got steaming and ‘stormed’ a kebab shop terrifying the family who run it. Apparently, ‘Muslamic militants’ had been spotted hiding in the taramasalata. This is almost too embarrassing to repeat but we will anyway. After trashing the shop and intimidating the folk there it ended with plod turning up with dogs and tasers and multiple arrests. The EDL are claiming they got a bit of a hoofing off plod and a night in the cells to boot. EDL ‘angel’ Hayley Wells was nicked which was all over Twitter/Facebook with even her mum getting involved, slagging her daughter off for going oot on the lash and fighting instead of looking after her bairns! Her Ma wis affrontit! Read all about it on the excellent Everything EDL site.

The leadership of course claimed it had nothing to do with the EDL. Tam, if the Plymouth EDL have a meet and greet and then the Plymouth EDL get pissed and attack a kebab shop, then it is the EDL who are to blame! Proscribing them after the event does not really wash. Another little grupuscule also emerged from this outrage: The Combined Ex-Forces (whose regimental motto is ‘Don’t Panic!’ Don’t Panic!’) have withdrawn from the EDL citing ‘slanderous remarks’ made against them by the leadership. From what we can gather the CxF are a tiny bunch of survivalist scrubland shitters who like to camp it up wildly after a long day ‘defending OUR COUNTRY’ and ‘OUR CHILDREN’S FUTURE’ and all that. For more read this:


And it just goes on! This weeks’ Hapless Halfwit Award goes to Martin Brennan of the Australian Defence League who is currently imprisoned in Oz for being an illegal alien. This is irony on too massive a scale to make any further jokes about so you’ll have to do that yourselves. In case you don’t remember the ADL gathered a mere 30-40 beer swilling patriots at their inaugural demo – despite the fact Brennan boasted they had 1,400 members. They were then surrounded by over 200 antifascists who stopped their demo very early and sent them away with a flea in their ear. We can only assume that the key tenet of the ADL is to stand with the Aboriginal peoples to defend Australia from any further colonial domination! See our friend Slackbastard down under for more details!

So …

August 13th sees a possible to-do at Telford when Jeff ‘Stabber’ Marsh and his Casuals are attempting to get their 15 minutes on Sky. There is, as everywhere else, much local opposition and we are hoping it will be every bit as successful as the washout in Irvine was last weekend. Have a peep at a handful of fuckwits up North in a shopping precinct not knowing whit tae dae!

To be honest, when the EDL first lurched drunkenly into the light anti-fascists were a bit unsure how to confront them. What now seems clear is that we don’t bother. We just have to sit in the pub and let the infighting and egomania consume them as they flail around looking for a future, hopelessly divided, badly led and politically naive. Braw!

‘MacMalatesta’: No Copyright

Schnews on Oslo massacre

The Norway attacks have led to frenzied speculation around the nature of the crazed ideology that could lead to such horrific acts. Handily Andre Brievik (or Andrew Berwick) not only allowed himself to be captured but posted a 1500 page manifesto online – Grandly entitled 2083 – A European Declaration of Independence (…) , apart from a load of weird stuff about body-armour, the Knights Templar and the appropriate use of steroids, at the heart is a vision eerily familiar to readers of such fringe esoteric publications as say the Daily Express, Daily Mail or Sun.
In League with the Devil?

“The lunatic is all idee fixe, and whatever he comes across confirms his lunacy. You can tell him by the liberties he takes with common sense, by his flashes of inspiration, and by the fact that sooner or later he brings up the Templars.” – Umberto ECO, Foucault’s Pendulum

The Norway attacks have led to frenzied speculation around the nature of the crazed ideology that could lead to such horrific acts. Handily Andre Brievik (or Andrew Berwick) not only allowed himself to be captured but posted a 1500 page manifesto online – Grandly entitled 2083 – A European Declaration of Independence, apart from a load of weird stuff about body-armour, the Knights Templar and the appropriate use of steroids, at the heart is a vision eerily familiar to readers of such fringe esoteric publications as say the Daily Express, Daily Mail or Sun.

The fact that before the smoke had cleared from the first detonation in Oslo the mainstream media immediately pointed the finger at Al-Qaeda or one of its offshoots shows that their underlying assumptions aren’t so different from the self-proclaimed Knight Templar Justiciar with the ‘piercing blue eyes’ – (copyright all newspapers.).

Experts and pundits queued up to explain why peaceful, civilised Norway had been attacked by the jihadist hordes. The Sun called it Norway’s 9/11 and even name-checked Al-Qaeda. Even when the Norwegian press revealed that the killer was an ‘ethnic Norwegian’ pundits quickly raised the prospect of a brainwashed convert to Islam. A spectacular amount of back-pedalling ensued when the actual facts surfaced (not that this of course stopped the very same pundits becoming sudden experts on the far-right)

The idea that we are at war with the entire Muslim World and that a ‘politically correct’ elite has manipulated immigration to the detriment of the ethnic majority is now a mainstream belief in Western Europe. There’s no need to go trawling through “SpearofOdin88″s lunatic ramblings on Stormfront when you can go straight to the Daily Mail and read Melanie Philipps – author of Londonistan, the EDLs bible, who recently demanded to know if “Whooaa! Is Britain finally about to go over the cliff into official Islamisation?” Philipps has the honour of having her parts of her work reproduced in their entirety in Breivik’s manifesto, but rather side-stepped the issue this week by focussing instead on the tragic but perhaps less significant demise of Amy Winehouse.

The Daily Mail has now denounced Breivik as neo-Nazi, despite his explicit rejection of Nazism – in fact politically he wasn’t much more right-wing than them. There is now a concerted attempt to divorce Breivik’s ideas from his actions – to suggest that he was just ‘insane’ or ‘sick’, even calls to not allow his monstrous actions to ‘shut down the debate on immigration’. When jihadists commit an outrage there isn’t usually such a rush to let their ideology off the hook.

It’s the Desmond papers that lead the pack though – In any given week the Express is rarely without an anti-immigrant front-page splash and generally one that suggests EU compulsion. such as ‘Eurocrats will force British families to have an asylum-seeker in spare bedroom’. OK, we made that one up but in fact the headline BRITAIN ‘MUST TAKE MORE MIGRANTS’ was last Friday’s offering, claiming the EU bureaucrats are forcing the pace on migration The idea that the left is forcing ‘political correctness’ down the the throats of the ‘silent majority’ of the population is continually represented as a given. Of course it was the youth wing of the socialist (centre-left) party that Breivik attacked – not any immigrants.

A big part of this ideology is an old racist canard – the demographic time-bomb. The fear is that ‘They’ will outbreed us and force us to adapt to their culture. Of course the fact that all this was being said in the 70s about the Afro-Caribbean population and before that the Irish and the Jews doesn’t stop the idea. “We have only a few decades to consolidate a sufficient level of resistance before our major cities are completely demographically overwhelmed by Muslims” – Breivik ” Will the white British population be in a minority in 2066?” – headline Daily Mail December 2010

From the outside, it seems insane to fear that the U.K could become subject to anything like sharia law. Apart from a few headcases, many of them zealous converts, nobody Muslim wants there to be sharia law here either. Yet resistance to this is the main platform of the EDL, who at the same time have no idea about what the culture is that they are defending – is it British, English or white European? Breivik is sure that the foundation of Western Civilisation should be Catholicism -some of the EDL make vague noises about Christianity but don’t really seem that sure who they’re in league with or what they’re defending.

In fact it’s fair to say that a large part of the population exists in an echo-chamber, where these are received truths and amount to ‘common sense’ . The online world, rather than a gateway to a variety of points of view provides a fertile ground for reinforcement of ideas (something the left should be as wary of as the right). Backing up the overt statements in the mainstream press are a host of circular e-mails, with a racist agenda doing the rounds as well as blogs, facebook postings etc. The EDL are the physical manifestation of this belief system. It’s because their beliefs are reinforced from all sides that they’ve been able to grow so quickly.

So in a sense – it doesn’t matter whether Breivik was in direct contact with the EDL, whether he regarded them as ‘naive’ or an inspiration- their ideas spring from the same soil. However evidence is emerging that he admires them, did attend several of their demos and was active on their forums and Facebook. He is positive about their provocation/reaction strategy, baiting Muslim youth into a reaction. The EDL is very much an online phenomenon – they don’t do public meetings or paper sales, their membership exists in the right wing ‘echo-chamber’. Who or what else is going to bubble up from the EDL cauldron?

“It is highly advisable to structure any street protest organisation after the English Defence League (EDL) model as it is the only way to avoid paralyzing scrutiny and persecution” – Breivik.

The EDL are also part of a new-wave of European nationalism, one that claims to defend a ‘pan-European’ culture. The U.K is in a strange situation with the far-right. Despite a certain overlap in membership there is no degree of co-operation between the EDL and the BNP. The EDL articulate a modern racism, based on Englishness rather than Britishness. In fact attempts to set up Welsh and Scottish Defence leagues have proved a failure. The BNP are still too firmly tied to old-school ‘It was the Elders of Zion wot dunnit’ white supremacist fascism. The EDL has side-stepped these issues and by representing the conflict with Islam as cultural rather than racial, have out-boxed their flatter footed leftwing opposition

The EDL are closer to the likes of Geert Wilders, leader of the Netherlands third largest political party – the Freedom Party, whose main platform is anti-Islamic. He travelled to the UK in March 2010, after a ban on his presence was overturned. This event was greeted with great enthuisiam by the EDL who organised a rally for him. Other European politicians have latched onto the fear of Islam and they too are fascinated by the EDL as a potential model for a street army. The EDL leadership in turn have shown an interest in more electoral conventional politics.

In a time of economic crisis, ideas like these are dangerous. As Mark Twain put it “History doesn’t repeat itself, but it does rhyme”. If one good thing comes out of Breivik’s murder spree it will be a re-examination of the anti-Islamic agenda. The worst thing to do in these circumstances would be to dismiss his actions as those of a lone nutter. The EDLs next major outing is September 3rd in Tower Hamlets – anti-fascists will be counter-mobilising.

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