Brighton Non Si Lega

This Saturday evening, several hundred Brightonians once again stood against racism and fascism, not allowing it to fester in our streets. Once again we showed Brighton as a city of sanctuary, diversity and always anti-fascist.

We began in good spirits with local anti-fascist history in the very streets where we stood. Our Italian friends then explained how dangerous La Lega, Salvini and them making links with British fascists really are. A chorus of Bella Ciao then broke, echoing through North Laine as we began to march. La Lega were due to meet in a pub by the train station, however we arrived to find that they had in fact cancelled their event due to our mobilisation and the realisation that hundreds of us would not allow this to take place in our city. Instead, all 6-7 of them hid in a local fascists’ house and named that as their meeting, too afraid, too scared to show their faces on the streets of Brighton. Upon this news we proceeded to have a victory march, occupying our streets with chants of Siamo Tutti Anti-Fascisti! And From the Downs to the Sea, Brighton will be Fascist Free! So it remains since 2014.

Thank you to everyone that came out. As a community we continue to fight politics of hate and division.

Vaffanculo Salvini e La Lega

About Brighton Antifascists

Opposing fascism in Brighton and further afield.

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