Antifascist Groups

Anti Fascist Network: WordPress, Facebook and @AntiFascistNetw

North London Antifascists: WordPress, Facebook and @NorthLondonAF

Dywizjon 161: Facebook

London Antifascists: WordPress, Facebook and @ldnantifascists

South London Antifascists: Facebook, @SouthLondonAF

Brighton Antifascists: WordPress, Facebook and @brightonanti

Portsmouth Antifascists: WordPress, Facebook; also check @naziwatchpompey

South Wales Anti Fascists @swafa05

Essex Antifascists: WordPress, Facebook and @essexantifa

North East Anti Fascists: WordPress, Facebook and @NEAntifascists

Leeds Anti-fascist Network: WordPress, Facebook, @leeds_afn

Liverpool Antifascists: WordPress

Sheffield AFN: WordPress, Facebook and @SheffieldAFN

Berkshire Antifascists: Facebook, @berkshireafn

3 Counties Antifascist Alliance: WordPress

Southampton Antifascists: WordPress, Facebook

Bristol Antifascists: Network 23

StopMFE: WordPress, Facebook, @StopMfE

UKAktion: WordPress and @ukaktion

Black Skin Black Flag

Local Groups

The Cowley Club: Web, Facebook and @cowleyclub

SmashEDO: Web and @smash_edo

Brighton PSC: Web, Facebook and @BrightonPSC

Brighton SolFed: Web, Facebook and @Brightonsolfed

Brighton Hunt Sabs: WordPress, Facebook and @btnhuntsabs

  1. Dear Brighton Anti-fa,

    Greetings from South London. We’re announcing our new Anti-Fa Website

    and would appreciate if you could put us on your links page.

    Many many thanks and respect
    Black Skin!

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