1. hi,
    annie here from fashwatch were working hard to update pictures on the site, but as we all have lives lols and other commitments we can only do a bit at a time whenever where free, soooooo theres going to be loads of mistakes made so we need folk to have a look and let us know what mistakes we’ve made, but be nice 😉 as were volunteers and also please please pass around info on the site, at the moment were just getting pictures from facebook etc we need your intell love annie kiss

  2. Hi there,

    I am a left wing humanist, atheist and secularist. I’m writing to you as I’m trying to understand your position as I saw a video on a secular page of your group protesting gays against Sharia law. Sharia law is a legal system which includes things like death for leaving Islam (apostasy), death for blasphemy, death for women that have sex outside marriage or adultery as well as a number of very sexist and oppressive elements to it.

    It seems perfectly reasonable for a gay group to protest Sharia around the world as 13 Islamic nations under Sharia law have death for being gay. The most recent is Brunei which went from secular to Sharia law in 2014 and will now stone gays to death. It seems that is there had been more protests and more of a global outcry many gay people lives would be saved. I fully support gays protest this human rights abuse around the world and wish to understand why you not only came out to stop them but apparently tried to assault them. These are people speaking up for gays that face death by stoning simply for being gay.

    I would never wish to stop anyone practising their religion, but I believe in separation of church and state and that we should have secular laws and that other nations should not use religious laws to justify the persecution of other groups like gays and atheists.

    I’d be interested in a reasoned response to please explain why you are supporting Sharia and the persecution and murder of people under this legal system.

    If this is because you do not understand what Sharia law is please google “Sharia law introduced in Brunei.” Take note of the law and compare them to other countries under Islamic law, and then research Sharia and you’ll see this isn’t just extremism, this is what Sharia is.

    • Sorry for the late reply. In short, we are protesting that group because it is a front group for far right, nationalist group and has nothing to do with fighting homophobia and a lot to do with spreading racism. None of us is supporting Sharia and AFN members fight directly against religious fundamentalists such as Deash/ISIS in Syria

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