Dignity Found Dead In Rochdale by Malatesta

Dignity Found Dead In Rochdale

Crivvens! Jings! And Help Ma Boab! What a total failure for both the English Defence League and the Infidels this weekend. The EDL called a ‘national’ demo in Leicester and managed to get a paltry 700, which is rubbish, but the Infidels breakaway faction had such a piss poor turnout in Rochdale that even one of their staunchest supporters claimed it ‘was a disaster.’ Shame.

Less  In Leicester

The EDL demos have been in sharp decline over the last year and the days when they could mobilise a few thousand are long gone. Plod was all over them from the start in Leicester and had amassed 2,200 flatfoots to police the day – which meant 3 plod per EDL. Money well spent. The EDL plotted up in the designated area and were marched round the town and out again sharpish, job well done. Plod couldn’t wait to get rid and piled them on coaches and escorted them out of town. No surrender? Oh, you just did! The poor EDL were stood about in the freezing weather unable to get a drink because of the alcohol ban which made listening to Mr Tommy’s interminable speech all the more difficult. Despite his multiple financial woes Mr Tommy was wearing an expensive coat and a flat cap (how proletarian, what next? Bring a wheelbarrow?).

Mr Tommy: ‘Don’t laugh at me because I’m a fool.’

However, Mr Tommy had to stop halfway through his speech to tell someone off for ‘Seig Heiling’ which was the highpoint of the day. Several members luckily missed out on the ‘big day’ having spent the previous night with Stella and Charlie, the EDL royal couple, whilst 1 hapless fuckwit stayed in all day waiting for a lift that never came from his ‘friends.’ Never mind, at least you saved a few quid and kept warm!


The EDL fared badly but the Infidels fared even worse. 2012 is the year of the Infidel in case you hadn’t noticed but to be honest it hasn’t started off well. They managed to get about 30 odd out of bed and over to the Rochdale demo and were then forced by plod to stand in a back street well away from the general public, fenced in and totally outnumbered. The weather was freezing and it snowed. Some didn’t even get to the Dale and were arrested in Manchester beforehand. Amongst the multitudes were a couple of members of the Combined Ex-Forces, a delusional wannabe paramilitary organisation whose regimental motto is ‘Don’t Panic! Don’t Panic!’ They are generally seen as the EDL’s ‘home guard’ and their ‘successes’ have included members smashing up a kebab shop in Plymouth, fall outs over who is the real Captain Mainwaring, causing the arrest of 170 EDL on Remembrance Day after ‘threatening’ plod with snipers, and announcing a ‘secret’ meeting in Manchester then having to cancel it because of plod bother.

The Year Of The Infidels? I Doubt It!

Standing alongside the bedraggled few were the entire membership of the Nazi British People’s Party. The BPP is quite a colourful outfit, though mainly white, and luminaries include Eddie Morrison, one of our favourite alco-nazis, Ku Klux Kev Watmough (Bostik’s Man Of The Year, 2004) and Martin Gilleard! Martin was arrested in 2008 on explosive charges as well as the not inconsiderate matter of child pornography! He is now in jail for a very long time and has converted to Islam in fear of reprisals from other inmates. The BPP are connected to the ageing Combat 18 who readers will remember got severely beaten by the EDL in London a couple of years ago. The Scottish Defence League didn’t show because they have all fallen out with the Infidel ‘leader’ John ‘No Showy’ Shaw and would much rather go round Glasgow attacking left wing paper sales and pro-Palestinian stalls. Not exactly Braveheart that is it?

The Infidels are very angry with plod about this humiliation and told PC Burt Sturgeon that if ‘we are treated like animals, we will act like animals’ thus divesting themselves of any last scraps of dignity they were clinging onto. They have said they are coming back for a flash demo and will not be liaising with Plod any more so good luck with that one (just remember what happened at the Oldham flash demo when plod got very cross with you all!). Snowy  has got a lot of thinking to do because this is extremely embarrassing for him as he has been talking it up for a while now. Snowy is desperate to increase the numbers and has no qualms about standing with Nazis like the BPP, loyalist/BNP supporters like the SDL and fascist losers like the Merseyside mob.


The Infidels decided to market themselves as openly far right but this has marginalised them and the only people who take them seriously are a bunch of no hopers who have been booted out of the BNP or are clinging onto shipwrecks like the National Front (who the Infidels had a fight with at their last demo in Newcastle). Not only that, but several posters on the Nazi Shirtfront web forum have been accusing Snowy of being a ‘tout.’ Snowy plays a big drum or something in a Loyalist marching band called the Leeds Crown Defenders and is mates with a chappy called Frank Portinari who was connected with the Ulster Defence Association and convicted of gun-running. Snowy has been accused by the Nazis of informing on the loyalists  because of his ‘frequent trips to Derry’ and the fact that he is an ex-crack addict and has had previous dealings with plod. One of the ‘Malatesta’s’ extremely reliable friends also claims he can prove this but we will wait and see. On the far right the accusations of being a ‘grass’ are made so regularly that it is practically meaningless.

‘The party’s over…’

So it’s not looking good for the EDL. They have lost much of their early support through boredom, dissatisfaction with the leadership, the futility of being surrounded by plod in a freezing car park and arrests. The Infidels faction has diluted their support further but are rapidly proving to be a waste of time. Other fallouts continue with the EDL however. LGBT ‘leader’ Liam Woods who has just got out of prison has been booted out. Roberta ‘sane no’ Moore recently of the EDL’s joke Jewish Division has finally severed all ties with Mr Tommy. Alan Lake, Mr Tommy’s evil puppet master, has been exposed and named as Alan Ayling and been sacked from his job. And our old friend Billy ‘Bunter’ Baker of the miniscule English Nationalist Alliance has been arrested and had all his PCs and things seized for making ‘unwise’ threats on Facebook. Naughty, naughty Bill. Isn’t it time you grew up and got a job? Oh no, you can’t get down the job centre because you’re in court tomorrow. Shame.

 So what next? Well the EDL have promised to turn up in Liverpool tomorrow to protest about ‘Muslamic groomers’ and have been making threatening noises towards anti-fascists who are intent on a counter-protest. The EDL are none too bright and think ‘I don’t like pedos, UAF don’t like me, ergo UAF must be pedos.’ Clever stuff. They are also looking forward to the upcoming Dispatches programme on telly which they think will attract ‘millions’ of new members. And so do we.

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