Oxford vs The EDL! 1-0 to the Locals

Yesterday was the EDL’s national demonstration in Oxford. After bottling it in Brighton, they were relying on having a good day to retain some credibility. Unfortunately for them, that’s not exactly what happened.

The pitiful EDL turnout, around 150

The pitiful EDL turnout, around 150

The day started early, with around 15 EDL trying to steam into the combined AFN and UAF mobilisation at Bonn Square. They were confronted by a large group of militants and quickly changed their tune. They lost one of their number and also a flag before being forced away by police.

An irony win for the EDL here (their only win of the day!)

An irony win for the EDL here (their only win of the day!)

The numpty above was nicked whilst wearing some sort of crusader helmet, which he was quickly relieved of by antifascists.

After this early fracas, antifascists settled in for the long haul, waiting patiently for several hours for the main body of EDL to march past Bonn Square. When they did, the full scale of the EDL’s failure became apparent. Between 100 and 150 of them had mustered, nothing compared to the thousands they could mobilise in their heyday. Hilariously, the police reneged on their earlier promise to march them through the town centre, and took them into the backstreets, so no one could even see their shit turnout.

Antifascists quickly decided to march ahead of them and occupy their intended rally point at the Police Station. Shite wannabe fascists “pie and mash squad” put in an appearance, with about 9 of them giving it large and then legging it when confronted by AFN members. After multiple confrontations with the police, around 200 UAF, AFN and locals ended up less than 100m away from the EDL rally, chanting loudly to drown of the speakers. The clearly dispirited fascists couldn’t even muster an “E-E-EDL” chant whilst speaker after speaker droned on about how the police had betrayed them by not allowing them through the town centre.

EDL Oxford HQ, the bogs.

EDL Oxford HQ, the public bogs.

After several hours of shit speeches, and an impromptu appearance by Scott Banks, the 19 year old EDL wanker from Doncaster who is one of 11 fascists charged with violent disorder after a pub fight in Brighton during the March for England, the fash were bundled on buses out of town under threat of arrest, leaving the few remaining to wander lost around town looking for a pub that would serve them. Mickey Bayliss (ex-Bristol Defence League leader) was spotted by antifascists patrolling the town but unsurprisingly didn’t seem to want to talk.

Over all, an excellent day for antifascists with unity between the various groups on the streets (AFN, UAF and locals). The EDL were outnumbered and humiliated,and weren’t even allowed into the town centre. Roll on the next EDL national in Walthamstow. Brighton Antifascists is sure that’ll go about as well for them as it did the last time!

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