Successful Gig

Phew, what a night!

Last night, Brighton Antifascists had a very successful benefit gig in the Cowley Club, Brighton’s premier radical social center. Negative Measures and Teef from Brighton and Damaged Head and Harda Tider all the way from Sweden played for an audience of easily 100 enthusiastic punks.

The popular Brighton Antifascists merch stall.

The Brighton Antifascists info stall.

There was an antifascist info stall at the gig, which proved very popular throughout the night, raising a whole bundle of money for the cause. Thanks to all the bands who played, and especially thanks to Harda Tider, who gave us an epic shoutout from the stage.

Fascism is getting worse throughout Europe. If you’re going to fight just once in your life, make it now!

-Vocalist, Harda Tider.

If you like the sound of this, there’s two more gigs coming up. First off, this weekend at the Union Bar in Hastings, Negative Measures are headlining an anti-UKIP gig alongside several other local and antifascist bands.

Then, in a week’s time, Teef will be playing at the Cowley Club again alongside Neighborhood, Free Will and The Hammer. Brighton Antifascists will again have a stall at this gig, so come down if you wanna say hi and pick up some quality antifascist merch!

gigposterIn less good news, it appears that the North East EDL last night attempted to disrupt a meeting in Newcastle about stopping the planned Pegida march. They shouted several Islamophobic remarks before being forced to leave, at which point one EDL’er shouted that antifascist women should be sterilised. They then waited outside of the meeting and tried to intimidate people leaving. Well done guys, way to prove Pegida is a non-racist, non-violent group. More info (and a short video) here.

See you on the streets, comrades!

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