Guide to Far-Right Symbols

Displaying openly Nazi symbols is illegal in many countries, so European fascists have taken to using a plethora of symbols, logos and codes to hide their real views. This fashion has spread to British Fascists as well, so we’ve written a short guide to help people understand the confusing world of far-right iconography. Know your enemy!


Although many groups are trying to hide their Nazi views, others are more obvious. There are lots of symbols used by the far-right out there that bare more than a passing resemblance to the swastika.


This is the flag of the AWB (Afrikaner Weerstandbeweging or Afrikaner Resistance Movement), a white supremacist paramilitary group from South Africa. The symbol is derived from the “Triskelion“, a type of decorative Celtic spiral. It occasionally used by Neo-Nazis in England, most notably, fascist record label “Blood and Honour“.

The Blood and Honour Logo

The Blood and Honour Logo



The Black Sun or Sun Wheel is another Swastika style symbol. Originally a viking rune, it was stolen and used extensively by Hitler’s SS. Currently, various Neo-Nazi pagan groups use it across Europe.

The Sun Wheel in use at a fascist demo in Newcastle last year.

The Sun Wheel in use at a fascist demo in Newcastle last year.



This is the logo of a small British Neo-Nazi group called “Englisc Resistance”, featuring a stylised sun wheel/swastika mix. Flags like this are becoming more and more common at EDL or other Far-Right demos. Round swastikas like this where used as the insignia of the SS Nordland Division.

The Golden Dawn symbol on display at a "Je Suis Charlie" rally in Manchester.

The Golden Dawn symbol on display at a “Je Suis Charlie” rally in Manchester.

The Golden Dawn logo is a Greek style swastika. It has become more common in the UK as British nationalists seek to emulate GD’s successes.


Other fascist groups are slightly more subtle in their iconography, using symbols not so obviously Nazi in origin.


The Celtic Cross has been in use for many years as a symbol of the White Power movement. It is one of the most common fascist symbols in use, and often goes unnoticed, as it looks fairly innocuous.

Fascists in Dover recently, displaying 2 Celtic Cross flags.

Fascists in Dover recently, displaying 2 Celtic Cross flags.



The Wolfsangel is a Viking rune that was used by several SS battalions during World War II. Since then, it has been adopted by many Neo-Nazi groups as a more acceptable version of the swastika. Displaying this symbol is illegal in Germany. Currently used by Ukranian Neo-Nazi paramilitaries the “Azov Battalion

The British far-right group "Infidels" displaying a Wolfsangel

The British far-right group “Infidels” displaying a Wolfsangel.



The “Odal” is another Viking rune appropriated by the Nazis. It was used by an SS Battalion and the Nazi Client state “The Independent State of Croatia” in World War II. Since the war, many neo-nazi groups have used it, including the “Wiking-Jugend“, a German fascist youth group outlawed in 1994, and various South African and Afrikaner white supremacist groups. It is very rare in the UK.


The Totenkopf is a skull and crossbones logo used by the SS and many other Nazi German military divisions. It’s use has been resurrected by many neo-nazi groups world wide, notably Britain’s infamous Combat 18.

The Combat 18 logo, featuring a Totenkopf.

The Combat 18 logo, featuring a Totenkopf.



The “Circled Flash” logo was first used by Oswald Mosley’s British Union of Fascists in the 30s and 40s. After the BUF collapsed it passed out of use until recently, when it was resurrected by a tiny group of Mosleyite wannabes called the New British Union. Very rare, but becoming more common with the rise of openly fascist groups such as National Action.

The Circled Flash on display at a fascist demo outside the Greek Embassy, London, 2013.

The Circled Flash on display at a fascist demo outside the Greek Embassy, London, 2013.



The Falanga is a Polish fascist symbol, used by many parties and groups. It is supposed to represent an arm holding a sword, defending Poland. In Britain, this symbol is mostly used by NOP Division England, a group of far-right Polish ex-pats who have been active recently supporting the British New Dawn and other neo-nazi groups.

NOP Division England in London recently.

NOP Division England in London recently.





Many fascist groups have taken to using numbers for letter of the alphabet as a sort of primitive code. For example, 18 means the first and eighth letter of the alphabet, or AH, Adolph Hitler. 88 stands for HH or Heil Hitler. 14 or 14w is the 14 words, a quote attributed to white power terrorist David Lane and used primarily by the National Front in the UK.

“We must secure the existence of our people and a future for White Children”

An alternative, less common meaning of the 14 words is “Because the beauty of the White Aryan woman must not perish from the earth.

The National Front displaying the 14 words in Newcastle.

The National Front displaying the 14 words in Newcastle.

However, for some fascists, 14 words is too high-brow, so 5 have to do. 5w or 5 words is the slogan of British far-right fantasists the “Pie and Mash Squad” (pie and mash = fash, geddit?). It supposedly stands for “We go where we want”, but the accuracy of that statement has been called into question many times.


A Pie and Mash squad sticker displaying the “5W”

Many fascists will finish blog posts or other internet rants with “NS” or “NFSE”. These acronyms stand for “no surrender” and “no fucking surrender ever” respectively, and were popularised by Ulster Loyalists.


Some far-right groups try to ape the success of left wing movements by deliberately copying their logos and symbols. Make sure you keep an eye out for these!

This is not a complete list by any means, but if you see any of these symbols anywhere in Brighton, be it on album art, graffiti, stickers, posters, fliers or anything else, please contact us at brightonantifascists[at]

No Pasaran!

About Brighton Antifascists

Opposing fascism in Brighton and further afield.

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  1. No idea what the demo was in which the black sun was used, but since when was the SWP a fascist party?!

  2. The last one is a mixed of Anarchist symbol and the old nazi militia simbol (SA)

  3. They may have different symbols but the one thing they all have in common is 1 brain cell

  4. why there a anarchist logo mixed in?

  5. The black sun wasn’t a viking rune. This is just a very popular excuse of paganists for wearing nazi-symbols. Actually there is not a single note about a “black sun” symbol in viking history. The black sun likely is an art product of SS-brigadier general Karl Maria Wiligut.

    • The shape of the symbol as it is used within Germanic mysticist esotericism and Neo-Nazism today is based primarily on the design of a floor mosaic at the castle of Wewelsburg (built 1603), a Renaissance castle located in the east of North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany. It is derived from the sun wheel which is common to Celtic and nordic cultures.

  6. Thanks for writing this up. One small note: in your explanation about numerals, “Adolph Hitler” should be “Adolf Hitler”.

  7. The celtic cross is widely used by italian fascists, so it’s not so innocuous for us.
    The odalist rune was once used in Italy by the fascist terrorist group “Ordine Nuovo” (New Order).
    By the way, here in Italy, the rats mostly use symbols that comes from the italian fascism tradition (Mussolini and some other shit) such as the “fascio littorio” similar to an axe, often written on walls stylized with a 4 (not the 4 you read here, but a different kind).
    The circled Flash is used by a fascist student group called Blocco Studentesco (Student’s Block). Another symbol is the Turtle (with four arrows on it’s back) that is the logo of Casa Pound (named after Ezra Pound, and yes, Ezra’s daughter is mad at them. Lol).
    Right now i can’t think of other symbols, by the way more than symbols, here in Italy, fascists try to steal leftists hystorical (and not) characters, such as Che Guevara, Bobby Sands, Francesco Guccini (italian Anarchist songwriter), and others.
    Cheers Comrades.

  8. Hey, I live in Brighton and I’m wondering how active the Brighton Anti-Fascist group is? How can I get involved?

  9. For fucks sake, they are screwing up some pretty awesome symbols… :/ By the way, the National Action is not accurate, it was first used by the Nazis of Sturmabteilung.

  10. In all fairness the original swastika image existed long before even Germany existed. In fact I think it predates the roman empire.

  11. good luck when the real facists are running the country!

  12. Chest Of Drawers

    one of their shitty flags looks like a sewer lid man hole cover!

  13. Another symbol to recognise, although it’s not that prominent in the UK (yet). “Three blazes” is a stylised swastika adopted by the Lithuanian Youth Union in 1935, along with the actual swastika. The organisation was somewhat similar to Hitlerjugend in serving the authoritarian regime of the time, dissolved in the USSR and was reborn in the 1990s-2000s. More photos:

  14. The Odal rune has been used as the symbol of various incarnations of the Young BNP over the last decade.

  15. Yeah idk whare you get the idea that the odal rune (specifically the version depicted, which has been defiled by adding “wings” or serifs to the bottom – this is exclusively a white supremacist symbol and never existed in the viking age or the medieval era) isn’t common in the UK when it’s seen widespread use by the BNP.

    The black sun isn’t a rune and has no ties to the viking era. It does have a history among the germanic tribes in the migration period, and can be found as decoration on metalwork items from that time, HOWEVER, none of the archaeological black suns match the one used by fascists – that one is based on the wewelsburg castle mosaic, which was probably put there by the nazis when they renovated the building and intended to represent both the swastika (in multiple and in abstract) and a “round table” for the “order” that would meet there (a line leading to the place of each of the members)

    Basically, there’s no excuse to be using that symbol or the version of the odal rune in the banner above and you should be suspicious of neopagans who insist on doing so.

  16. recently there have been loads of stickers going up, mainly on bus stop windows. I’ve taken down all the ones ive seen, most are the ‘National Action’ bottom right symbol and others sprouting about ‘White Genocide’. What the fuck is wrong with people?

  17. SWPE is not fascist in any way (fascism being a corporatist and therefore capitalist ideology). The picture was at a demo against the unwillingness of the government and police to take action against paedophiles. We stood alongside people of many different organisations and none in a show of support for the victims of rape. Before labeling us as fascist, you might like to contact us or to at least visit our site.

  18. I think you have remarked some very interesting points , appreciate it for the post. ccgkeckkekebffdk

  19. There are odal runes on the Brighton pavilion. It was used by the nazi mountain division.

  20. Christof Vikernes

    The shwarze sonne/black sun motifs the coolest looking symbol ever designed.I like to think it represents a galaxy w/the arms going strait out from the center and then curving to the right(swirling rays of light)at the top.and should be on the new word flag.I don’t care what connotations are derived from it. almost every countries flags are so mundane&simplistic looking anyway,even America’s.

  21. Just wanted to say thanks for the quick guide to fascist symbols with good sizes for the pictures. Not only will they make for a great rotation of phone backgrounds, but also I’ll be able to tell my friends about the significance of each!

  22. Sorry to hijack your main theme.
    Fascism is irrelevant in the corner of the world that I live in. And so is anti-fascism.
    I am sorry but I couldn’t care less.
    (Though we too are plagued by racism)

    I like the website.
    I was redirected here from and you are hosting on
    That’s so cool.

    I am turning to full time blogging.
    Can you let me know why you moved out from blogspot’s hosting?
    Was it the ad revenue?

    I understand money is not your objective.
    But had it been would you still have moved out of blogspot?

    And a job nicely done deserves two cheers.
    Great website!

  23. 51? As in North west infidels 51? What’s that about?

  24. We need to update this to include the symbols associated with the “Alternative-Right” fascist movement taking hold in the USA. I’m currently only privy to Pepe, the meme frog, but I’m sure there are others.

  25. The author clearly doesn’t understand what fascism means. You’re doing the work for the fascists if you make it so broad and inclusive, mate.

  26. a friend from Montréal

    There is a Ken commenting at CBC news who is an obvious facho; are you familiar with the black and yellow symbol he is using?

  27. Very interesting and well presented, thank you!

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