Danish Pasting

The English Defence League headed over to Aarhus, Denmark on Saturday in an attempt to kick start a supposedly continent-wide anti-Jihadist movement.

In reality less than 200 members of various European Defence Leagues actually bothered to turn up (with 50 countries in Europe this averages out at an impressive 4 members per country). The far right was greatly outnumbered by an anti-fascist counter-demo – with about 4,000 people coming out to oppose them.


EDL leader Tommy Robinson wasn’t even able to finish his speech before being pushed out of the park by police for his own safety. Several autonomous blocs of anti-fascists had split off from the main demonstration and were fighting running battles with police in an attempt to welcome the EDL and friends personally to Denmark. Small groups of EDL managed to hurl their half-finished bottles of Carlsberg at the approaching Antifa as they were herded onto coaches and out of town. Three of the buses that the police were using to help the fascists escape were immobilised by a mob of antifascists.

There were around 70 arrests, mostly of counter protesters, as the police attempted to protect the fascists. Several rightwing blogs are already whinging about being attacked by militant lefties and immigrants – though they can’t be that surprised given the amount of time they devote to vilifying and attacking both groups.

Following on from this massive success the EDL have already told members to “START POLISHING THEM DEMO SHOES BECAUSE WE ARE GONNA BE HITTING THE STREETS AGAIN, SOONER RATHER THAN LATER”. Given the excessive use of caps-lock they must be really serious – the Facebook moron-o-metre suggests they’ll be heading to Oxford or Bradford in the coming weeks.

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