Ok so first of all let us welcome our friends over there from 120dB! Congratulations on successfully crossing the border… I can proudly say that I am standing here alongside the true daughters of Europa.

smash nfBut jokes aside we are here because we want to provide another narrative from that of 120dB. To say that to criminalize migrants, distort rape statistics and create a moral panic is not going help women! It is not going to help white women, women of colour, disabled women, nor the queer community and it is definitely not going to help migrant women. But it will help fascists!

Let’s remember that being a woman is not a disqualifying factor for being a Nazi! 120dB try to neutralize their words. They claim to be speaking on behalf of all women, on behalf of all victims of sexual assault. But they are not. Skewing statistics on a propaganda push, demanding deportations, the integrity of the ethno-state and the criminalization of refuges and migrants are political positions. Utilising the violence that is committed against women for the purpose of perpetuating bigotry, racism and fear is a political choice. One that Annika, and the other women of 120dB have taken. So on a day of feminist resistance lets not take Annika and her fellow activists as the stereotype of the passive woman that we all know to be untrue. Let’s take them as what they are, which is far right militant activists. They use the violence which is carried out against women’s bodies and which women are brought up to fear from birth for the purpose of a far-right political project.

120dB claim that 68% of rapes occurring in Europe are carried out by migrants and refugees (the underlying connotation here is Muslims). This is statistically completely and utterly untrue. The statistics available tell us that in the UK 45% of rapes are carried out by partners or ex partners, 38% by someone known to the victim and 5% by a family member totaling to 88%, only 12% accounts for sexual assaults carried out by a person unknow to the victim. (1)

120dB play on the fear that we as women all know of walking around at night and being sexually assaulted on the way home. But what the statistics tell us is that a woman is 88% more likely to be sexually assaulted by a member of her own community, to be assaulted by her boyfriend, by her friend, by her boss or her carer. Annika in one of her famous interviews has claimed that these kinds of rapes do not contain violence. We ask her what does she think rape is? Statistics tell us that when migrant men rape, just like European men rape they will be more likely to rape a member of their own community. The victims of these assaults will predominantly be the same migrant women which 120dB seeks to marginalize.

The same women who due to their legal status are roughly 25% less likely to report sexual assault for fear of deportation or lack of faith in the police. The same women, 69.3%(1) of which are reported to have endured sexual violence in and on their journey to Europe. The same women who are predominantly fleeing warzones where rape is used as a weapon of war.

If 120dB is interested ending sexual assault, in a country where the rate of conviction for the perpetrator is at 5.7%(2) their time would be better spent lobbying the British government to adapt its legal system to effectively prosecute cases of sexual assault. If 120dB cared about ending sexual assault they wouldn’t propagate outdated and revolting narratives which are better left to the KKK of unknown black men raping white women dark alleys. Because this fear mongering doesn’t adequately prepare young women for the sexual assault they will receive in their lives. This doesn’t prepare women to expect to be raped by their boyfriends, their friends and their bosses. And this doesn’t prepare communities and legal systems to adequately deal with rape. Because when a woman is raped by her friend, her boyfriend, her carer, her boss what we are told is there isn’t enough evidence. What we are told is that if she consented before she could have consented again, that if she didn’t wan to have sex she shouldn’t have slept at her friend’s house while inebriated, that she wasn’t raped, that she was claiming the ladder by sleeping with the boss, that her carer couldn’t have possibly raped her.

So we ask you 120dB why don’t you lobby for this? Why don’t you valuably spend your time on something actually useful rather than creating moral panics and using the violence and torture which was executed against survivors for your own political purposes? The sexual assaults which 120dB site are the worst violations and we say to the victims we are here for you and we believe you.

And we believe Chelsey who in 2016 was raped by six men but unlike the right: first the BNP, then Britain First and then Tommy Robinson, we won’t use you as a propaganda machine, as a cash cow and we won’t drop you as soon as we discover that the legal system in Britain is skewed not to believe survivors. Sorry Tommy but in November you promised to continue on fighting for Chelsey you promised that this wouldn’t be the end of the campaign. That was in November. And you have maintained radio silence since.  Because you didn’t really care about rape, what you cared about was the headlines, and the publicity, and as soon as you discovered what the reality of being a survivor in Britain was you dropped out. Because you didn’t want your xenophobic and bigoted fans to lose faith in you because Chelsey had served her purpose.

And Just as Tommy, and Jayda and Paul Golding used Chelsey, 120dB use survivors in Germany, Italy, France to build their movement and that of Generation Identity to raise money, notoriety to get bigger. They claim that they are reporting what the mainstream news isn’t, well fucking bullshit. Did the news not report the murder of Pamela? The 18 year old girl who was murdered and stuffed into a suitcase in Macerata Italy. Didn’t the Italian and international media not jump on the story (the same story that you link in your promotional videos) and didn’t the news instantly disclose the nationality of the three accused… and didn’t Luca Triani, a far right militant from casa pound with a copy of Mein Kampf in his house, and an Italian flag around his shoulder, not get in his car and go on a shooting spree of Senegalese migrants in a so called revenge killing? To later find that the charges against the two Nigerian men accused had been dropped because the prosecution discovered that the two men couldn’t have possibly been linked to Pamela and her murder, resulting in Pamela’s uncle and family lawyer denouncing the course of investigation as embarrassing due to its failure to identify a plausible motive or even evidence.

Annika, 120dB the media, European legal systems and public opinion are already skewed against migrants, refugees and people of colour, your work has already been done for you, it is unnecessary. The work that hasn’t been done is that of allowing women to be believed when they say that they have been raped or sexually assaulted. And the only way that a true feminist movement can take place is if it accounts for all women and not ONE LESS. That is anti-fascist, anti-racist, queer feminism. And if we are going to call a fucking movement something lets fucking call it baseball bats, because the sound of a rape alarm doesn’t reassure me. We as women stand together from Rojava to Europe and in the spirit of Anna Campbell we say Jin Jiyan Azadi, women, life, freedom.

1) https://rapecrisis.org.uk/statistics.php



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