A slightly farcical day out for Brighton’s EDL contingent (laughably calling themselves ‘The Mighty Brighton Infidels’, today (Saturday 17th.) Firstly they turned up outside the launch of Fighting Fascism, a rousing history of the fight against the fash in our seaside town. Why the EDL, who of course are in no way fascists, would want to disrupt a meeting about the historical struggle against fascism in Brighton is of course anyone’s guess. Having failed to disrupt that in any way (although one anti-fascist who confronted them got nicked) they made their way to the regular Saturday afternoon Palestine Solidarity Campaign stall in central Brighton’s central shopping area Churchill Square. According to one eyewitness from the stall “They were barely able to get to chant the “L” in “E, E, EDL” before the cops were on to them and pushing them away from the totally unfazed PSC who were all giving as good as they got.” The police then pushed the seven racists into the area usually reserved for buskers and a large crowd of over two hundred mostly Saturday shoppers gathered. They clearly weren’t terribly happy with these racists shouting out the unique abuse and the usual personal hygiene advice in which they seem to specialise. Our man on the scene “It was very heartening to see the good people of Brighton booing and shouting at what had now, due to three arrests, become only four EDLers. They were all looking more and more humiliated and frustrated at being so badly received and clearly looking for a way out of this uncomfortable situation with some vestige of dignity.” Unfortunately for them there wasn’t any easy way out so they had to resort to shouting “we’re bored of this” and then skulking off to claps and loud cheers from the crowd. “The whole incident was over in twenty minutes but I think the Infidels will probably want to forget today and pretend it never happened!” Brighton is set to host a demo by EDL front group the March for England on April 24th. Anti-fascists are calling for a counter-mobilisation and judging by today’s events it should be a good ‘un!

About Brighton Antifascists

Opposing fascism in Brighton and further afield.

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