Stop March for England in Brighton

The ‘March for England’ will return to Brighton on Sunday 22nd April. We, as Brighton & Hove residents, are calling for all locals to oppose the march and the racist, fascist ideals it promotes under the guise of patriotism. We want people to harangue, mock and disrupt the march – together we will drown out their racist message.

About Brighton Antifascists

Opposing fascism in Brighton and further afield.

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  1. London Class War - Mr Mashdafash

    Let’s do it

  2. Thorn da Costa

    The ludicrous antics of those scared of losing what they have , and seeking to blame those around them , is tradgic. But -like being a drunken thug- is no excuse. Especially those whome seek to benefit from these fears (in others) for their own ends.

  3. Why was my informative comment which sought to correct your over use of the word Fascism where it is not applicable deemed not worthy of being on this page but the blatant socialist/communist propaganda posted by individuals is absolutely fine?Why can’t we all have our input heard as long as it is not offensive? I think its disgusting how you choose to block my views when I didn’t actually criticize your march at all! I simply tried to help you understand why these people are not Fascists and why your use of this word is wrong in pretty much all cases. Perhaps you should stop living behind a political iron curtain and accept opposing views with patients and an open mind, especially when I would actively support your right to hold this march.

  4. Mosley’s neo-fascist Union Movement was run out of Brighton by the anti-fascist 43 Group, when the UM attempted to hold a march in the city in June 1948.

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