It’s Time For Tommy Robinson! by Malatesta


Dateline: Rhyl National Express.

Well, the Malatestas missed all the fun at the weekend because we were at  Nanatesta’s caravan in Rhyl. There is no TV or radio reception so we couldn’t keep abreast of the goings on in London. MacMalatesta disgraced himself on the 1st day by getting blootered on ‘3 boatils ah Bucky’ and Nanatesta made him sleep under the caravan for the duration. We also got banned from the Leek & Bucket boozer following a violent
altercation between Nanatesta and the landlord over what is and  isn’t acceptable in a meat pie filling. She is insistent that there is NO nutritional value in rawl plugs!


‘Norman Yaxley Lennon, you are an habitual criminal who accepts arrest as an ccupational hazard!’

What an eejit! Tommy Robinson had talked up the EDL’s stupid Tower Hamlets march for so long that despite his bail conditions he had to make an appearance. And of course, he got nicked (although why plod had not arrested him for several previous infractions
is still a wee bit of a mystery). So he turned up dressed as a rabbit or something and after some grandstanding on his ever diminishing platform he was lifted and is now remanded at Her Maj’s Pleasure. His ‘martyrdom’ was a self-written prophecy and the choice was bleak: either not turn up and lose face or show up and get nicked. Rumour has it he’s on the nonce wing so he won’t be able to explain the finer points of the EDL’s ideology to any Muslim prisoners who happen to be inside with him. If he is on the nonce wing then we hope he will just sit there and think about what he has done! Tommy will not be
acquainting himself with the EDL’s royal couple Stella and Charlie for a while so will have to make do with lousy food and the occasional bad tempered visit from his wife to whom he has just got hitched. In sickness and in health eh, Tommy? Tommy has said he is going on hunger strike and other incarcerated EDLers are going to join him. And there are plenty of those  including the eejit who just got 5 months for smacking a plod.

The EDL have called upon Amnesty International to help Tommy, their ‘political prisoner.’ Is that the same Amnesty International they were slagging off last year by any chance? Listen boys! Amnesty deal with grown up problems not petty criminals who have been jailed for assaulting women and policemen, assaulting ‘comrades’ and
football related violence. Tommy is not a ‘political prisoner’ but a career criminal
who broke his bail conditions. The guy with the fluffy hat in the boring court
room lays out these conditions and you have to stick to them. Otherwise you go
to jail! It’s not that complex.

Saturday’s demo in Londonseemed to lack co-ordination somewhat. Various EDL divs landed in London and were either not allowed to get to the RV point or were shepherded in smaller groups to Aldgate where they were kettled in before being escorted away by plod from several forces. The RMT union also refused to liaise with plod and deal with the anti-union scab organisation. One of the adorable bunnies from the EDL sprayed lighter fluid or similar on a photographer and set them on fire whilst another desperate member groped a female journalist. Surely there’s better ways to meet women lads?

The EDL are claiming that they marched after all but they failed. Plod had them in a mobile kettle. And they are also claiming that they got to Tower Hamlets but they failed on that one too. They just about saw the arse end of the City and that’s it. They
were supposed to march ‘where we want, when we want’ but successfully didn’t.
Boozers aplenty refused to open or serve them, all the car parks were off-limits
and they were hopelessly outnumbered by plod and antifascists. They arrived in much lower than expected numbers – 10,000 expected, 1,000 turned up, result: much acrimony over people not showing. They had talked it up so much on Facebook that they ended up believing their own wretched rhetoric and many are secretly – and not so secretly – disappointed. With this embarrassing failure and the arrest of Tommy, the good ship EDL is now being crewed by Kocaine Kev Karol and the bickering harridan duo of Hel ‘hath no fury’ Gower (BNP, Combat 18 supporter) and Roberta ‘say no’ Moore of the Jewish division who hate each other. Well Kev, time to don the Captain’s hat and guide it away from the rocks. Wee Tam turned up arm in arm with Roberta and that lad who runs the Jewish division despite saying they were proscribed from the EDL and despite the amount of negative sentiment from many of the rank and file towards them. Alan Lake turning the screws then Tommy?

Many EDL divisions have expressed their concerns over yet another compromise by the EDL ‘leadership’ liaising with plod and getting a shite deal. Lots of them wasted time and money on getting down to the smoke for ‘the little big one’ and were angered by the weakness of resolve in their own divisions.

Highlight of the internet pickings is the footage of the Nottingham coach getting attacked by angry locals and the EDL Angel crashing to earth with scorched wings. Whilst ‘Malatesta’ does not condone violence against women (unlike Tommy who was jailed for assaulting a girlfriend) if you join an openly provocative march to cause trouble and you get trouble, then don’t whine about it. The lady in question is called Joanne Dickens and she sports a Celtic cross on her lady lumps. A friend of ours questioned her about this on Facebook and she claimed that it was not a right wing symbol. Aye and neither is this
swastika on me arse love! Other friends of ours have put up screenshots from her Facebook account and she is hardly a paragon of virtue.

To cap it all, she was escorted away from angry counter-demonstrators by ‘horrible terrorist Muslamics’ which is most embarassing. But what really put the currants in the clootie was the fact that the entire busload of Nottingham eejits left her behind and  then all got nicked after being routed and humiliated. Shame on you boys!

The Splits Continue!

The Northwest and Northeast Infidels are coming up to auld Reekie – that’s Edinburgh to you Jimmy! – for a do on the 10th where they will no doubt be hopelessly outnumbered by antifascists, after all the Scottish Defence League and the EDL’s record north of the border is hardly impressive. John ‘Snowy’ Shaw has threatened all manner of violence against opponents on Facebook which the polis will no doubt find helpful.

Not only that but Billy ‘Bunter’ Baker of the English Nationalist Alliance has been poking his neb in. Bill hates Hel Gower – and Tommy who booted him out of the EDL – so has
been aligning himself with all manner of puddin’ heids. 2 weeks back he ‘helped’ the British Patriots Society ‘organise’ a march on Downing  Street but failed to turn up. He also set up a rival march the other side of town on Saturday but it is unclear if he got up in time or anyone else showed up. He has also fallen out with the Combined exForces (CxF) and been involved in a slanging match with them. The CxF were part of the Plymouth EDL ‘assault’ on a local kebab shop having ‘strong drink taken’ and they are
all facing charges and subject to bail restrictions. Pardon me for asking, but aren’t ex-forces supposed to be patriots who should follow the laws of the land? Our friends over on Everything EDL have kindly reposted a screenshot of Bill calling Hel Gower a ‘Nazi’ amongst other things – which is a wee bit rich coming from that fat fascist fuck. Baker highlighted Gower’s connections with Chris Renton, a rather unpleasant nonentity who is associated with the BNP and helped set up the EDL’s website. Crivvens Wullie! You’ll be accusing her of anti-Semitism next!

Of course, antifascists sites are abuzz with news that a certain EDL member named Michael Coates is a known paedophile. He is currently in nick for sex offences and
apparently is organising the EDL ‘Fiddlers Division’ with Richard Price.


So, the EDL ‘leadership’ has taken yet another massive knock: Tommy is in jail and Kocaine Kev is now in charge but he is a bit of a dick with limited organisational – and rhetorical – skills so will he be able to keep the disenchanted divisions onside  or Hel Gower and Roberta Moore from killing each other? Many members have declared their dissatisfaction over the debacle on Saturday and the Infidels are taking a more militant stance drawing the openly fascist contingent away from Tommy and the EDL. Their credibility is at an all time low and for that we are grateful.

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  1. Anyone wishing to contact young Tommy in prison (until his court date on 21st sept) can do so at this address:

    stephen lennon
    hmp bedford
    st loyes street
    mk40 1hg

    I believe he has asked supporters for crayons.

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