EDL and Norway by Malatesta

It’s been a busy week for the EDL following the Norway massacre.

Dear, oh dear, oh dear. What a week it’s been for the English Defence League’s Tommy Robinson AKA Stephen Yaxley-Lennon. Much of the UK media have been busy trying to finger the EDL for connections with nutjob Norwegian murderer Anders Breivik and with the EDL’s Facebook pages and web forums featuring tacit support for his ‘politics’ then it has proved to be not a difficult job.

Twitching Tommy!

Tommy has been in the media this week, the best of which was on Newsnight with a bored looking Jeremy Paxman that showed Tommy to be a twitching sweaty coke fiend ranting away and having difficulty keeping his toys aboard the pram. Despite the EDL’s ludicrous claims to be a ‘non-violent, non-profit making, human rights organisation’ Twitching Tom had been found guilty earlier that day of football related violence. Something that Paxman failed to mention. Tommy was sentenced to a 12-month community rehabilitation order, 150 hours of unpaid work and was banned from football grounds for three years. Tommy was very keen on stressing that the Norwegian massacre could happen in the UK in 5-10 years time if anti-Islamic sentiment keeps being suppressed. Although he was a bit vague on how killing 76 white kids and blowing up a nice old building is going to help his ‘non-violent’ cause. One of the unsurprising things about fanatics like Breivik is that they are so often attracted to far right groups as are many others. Check here for further details.


A couple of things come out of the BBC and other appearances. Firstly, after his arrest for public order offences a couple of months back Twitching Tommy’s bail restrictions stated that he was not to have anything to do with the EDL until the case comes up in October. Forgive one’s naivety but isn’t appearing on Newsnight representing the EDL somehow contrary to these conditions? And secondly, why is the BBC interviewing a career criminal who has done a year inside for assaulting a girl and also has been arrested at least 7 times since the start of 2009? As he is currently awaiting trial for other offences as well as being under investigation for fraud  – hence his bank account being frozen – should the BBC be featuring him on their flagship programme? Twitching Tom is currently asking for 50 quid a pop for any media interviews claiming variously that he needs the cash to rent a hotel conference room for meetings in Luton and that because of the limited access to his bank account he could do with half a ton pocket money (and isn’t 50 quid the going rate for a wrap of Charlie?) Tommy is rapidly becoming a general without an army as the North West Infidels appear to be heading off on their own and the North East Infidels are being steered into a more virulent direction by that other career criminal and arse clown Derek Fender. Read all about it here:



The EDL got into a right kosher pickle recently when paper Jewish Divsion leader Roberta ‘EDL No’ Moore tried to link up with the Jewish Task Force whose leader had been in jail for terrorist offences. Oops! Moore was eventually booted out for making mental statements and generally being a PR liability. And now there are ongoing problems with her replacement Robert Bartholomeus who appears to be endorsing Breivik’s actions much to the irritation of the various EDL forum posters.

After the Moore fiasco many on the EDL forums were angry that they should be seen to be supporting Israel when they were the ‘English’ Defence League. Tommy responded in no uncertain terms that EDL support for Israel would continue. Is this because of Alan Lake by any chance? Lake has been accused of being a Zionist and has been bankrolling Tommy for some time now and Lake, Moore and Tommy have all been photographed together. On the neo-Nazi websites accusations of being a ‘Zionist,’ ‘red’ or ‘nonce’ are frequently made and many have called the EDL a Zionist front and for once the accusation may prove true. If Lake is still funding Tommy then he’s hardly going to allow him to renounce one of his principle interests – which is Zionism. So although a lot of EDL members thought they were flapping the Star of David to annoy ‘muslamics’ the Star is now there for good and the EDL leadership, i.e., Tommy, is going to find it difficult to extricate himself from Israeli extremism. Paul Ray who was booted out of the EDL by Twitching Tom has been ranting away on his website about being a Knight’s Templar and attempting to link Breivik somehow to Alan Lake but this has yet to bear fruit. (And Knight’s Templar? That’s soooo 12th Century!).

Plodding Along

After all the hoo-hah over Norway British plod have decided to ‘crack down on far right terrorism’ but first they will have to finally admit that they were completely wrong in not classifying the EDL as a far right organisation. They are. The EDL is full of known supporters of the BNP, Combat 18 and other nutty fascist grupuscules and the documentation is extensive on antifascist websites. So maybe Plod should log on and do a bit more research.  With the recent exposure of ‘Mark Stone’ – and the much welcomed collapse of the trial of the eco-activists in Nottingham – it is clear that plod spend far too much time infiltrating left wing groups whilst apparently ignoring the far right.


Without getting involved in the general weirdness of the man, one of David Shayler’s concerns whilst at MI5 was their over focussing on the far left (Class War, Communist Party) whilst ignoring the far right. Plod have found themselves in a similar situation but this does not come as a surprise to antifascists: as many EDL members say on the forums the coppers at their demos are mostly sympathetic which is something that many counter-protestors can verify.  The EDL’s web forums and Facebook pages are full of violent threats, racist outpourings and generally deranged ranting so rather than nosing into left wing business shouldn’t plod be looking into the EDL on the web and perhaps even arresting Tommy who has breached his bail conditions by being all over the national media! Surely that would mean remand as he cannot be trusted to observe the conditions laid down by the court. So why are plod content to leave him alone? Is it because he works for them? Surely not. ‘Sir’Tommy is a hero. It says so on the EDL forums!

Perhaps plod could also take a wee peak at the Redwatch site and the support it gets from some members of the EDL whilst they are logged on. This site is a potential hit list of political opponents used by far right groups to intimidate left wingers. Redwatch was started by Kevin Watmough, former member of BNP, Combat 18 and the useless British People’s Party, and onetime wet nurse to ex-NF coup leader Eddy ‘Adult Diapers’ Morrison. Watmough is a nasty little scrote and his address is not hard to find. Officers! Redwatch is a hitlist and the kind of thing that could be called a ‘far right terror threat.’ Ask any trade unionist or antifascist who have had their windows put through or received threatening phone calls because of it.

As stated earlier the EDL still claim to be a ‘non-violent human rights group’ which Robinson’s recent conviction for, er violence, must repudiate. They have also been verbal against trade unionists and student protesting against the recent cuts. So for all their rhetoric about the white working class being ignored the EDL turn round and attack members of the white working class. As someone on Urban75 rightly says, the EDL are technically a scab organisation.

And Finally …

Best article this week at Expose here:



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