From Schnews:

Anti-fascists saw off an attempted attack on a Brighton UAF meeting on Tuesday night. A motley crew of EDL, Casuals United and the English Nationalist Alliance turned up to hassle the meeting on the defence of multi-culturalism, outside the Quaker Meeting Centre.

What started as a static demo by around 20-25 EDL turned into a frontal assault on the building. SchNEWS spoke to someone on the scene. “The EDL, two wearing Ulster Volunteer Force shirts, tried to batter their way into the building but despite the doormen being outnumbered they were beaten off after a bit of a kicking”. By the time anti-fascist reinforcements arrived the EDL had disappeared into the night.

Brighton Police, taking their usual dim view of all things lefty suggested that it was those hosting the meeting who were responsible for all the aggro.

Meanwhile both sides are gearing up for the thinly disguised EDL family day out that is the March for England, in Brighton on Sunday 24th April – for details closer to the time see https://brightonantifascists.wordpress.com

About Brighton Antifascists

Opposing fascism in Brighton and further afield.

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