Egos, factionalism & money

And we’re back …
Egos, money, factionalism and more egos seem to be the order of the day for the far right. The English Defence League has been riven by the inevitable splits over regions, football teams and the political differences that seem to characterise most of the far right organisations in the UK. At their recent do in Blackburn Steven Caxley-Trousers ‘outed’ an EDL member for online abuse which led to a bout of brawling and disorder which their stewards, as usual, completely failed to control. As it seems they cannot fight with ‘Muslamic extremists’ they have to be content with fighting amongst themselves. Long may that continue. This ruckus led to a brace of splinter groups calling themselves the Northwest and Northeast Infidels. They claim that Caxley and ‘cocaine’ Kev Carol are siphoning off the money given towards campaigns. They claimed that Caxley and cocaine Kev had raised money for ‘political prisoner’ and convicted sex offender Richard Price which has never been accounted for now that Price is persona non grata and a ‘nonce.’ So where did the money go asked their internal critics? The Infidels were also touting a compromising photo of Caxley-Trousers to The Sun which infuriated the ‘leadership’ and caused much amusement to anti-fascists everywhere. Cocaine Kev has also never adequately explained the ‘assassination attempt’ last year which caused a brief media flap. Any explanations Kev? Egos, money, factionalism and more egos …

ENA: Enough Already!
Billy ‘Bunter’ Baker of the English Nationalists Alliance has also claimed he will spill the beans on the financial shenanigans of the ‘top’ EDL members but we shall have to see if he has the bottle to do this. Baker fell out with Caxley and Cocaine Kev after appearing on TV, apparently speaking – badly – on behalf of the EDL. This angered the ‘top boys’ and they ex-communicated him in a cloud of mutual abuse and allegations. ‘Fats’ Baker, jealous of the media attention and, more likely, cash that the EDL have gained is determined to make a go with his little outfit and their sparsely attended demos at Dagenham. However, Fats cannot get the numbers that the EDL do as they are more obviously a fascist grouping and therefore lack the attraction and subsequent cash and coverage that the obese 1 craves. Bill ‘Shitcake’ Baker is going down to Brighton for the March For England on 24 April. He turned up there last year with a handful of ‘chav scrotes’ and was vastly outnumbered and held up for hours by antifascists. The ENA ended up being marched away by the cops following a piss poor turnout. It can only be assumed that the 24th will be a repeat. The far right claimed it was a ‘red baiting’ event but it mobilised the Sussex antifascists who had a strong turnout and the ENA failed to achieve anything. Well done!

Various EDL groups around the UK have taken to attacking anti-fascist meetings in the hope of a tear-up along with flash demos such as those at Grays and Halifax yesterday. All public anti-fascist meetings need adequate security in case of these attacks as the hooligan element masquerading as the EDL are getting a bit cocky. However, we must ask, despite all this, what have the EDL actually achieved? They have had much media coverage but it is all negative and they continue to come across as a bunch of football hooligans out on the piss. Which is what they are. Their flash mob demos are basically a chance for a bit of aggro then back to the pub. The widely publicised ‘Muslamic Rayguns’ video has done them no favours and showed them up as a bunch of clueless eejits out on a jolly unable to articulate even their basic principles. I mean ‘Halal pork’? Crivvens!

The EDL also increasingly look politically incompetent. Whilst the government are slashing public spending and many people are under pressure economically, the EDL banging on about radical Islam looks irrelevant. It is not the ‘Muslamics’ who are putting people out of work, attacking education and failing to act on tax evasion is it? The EDL say they are against extremism but come across as extremists themselves. They say they are against Islamic extremists but have failed to identify many apart from Anjem Choudary and his daft Muslims Against Crusades who are pretty well-known to plod as it is. They are both as egomaniacal as each other and allow plod to keep an eye on who is doing what. BNP members and other Nazis are still confused about the EDL with some saying they are a ‘Zionist, Marxist, state-sponsored’ outfit and others hoping they can draw off some of the members into their various nutty grupuscules.

BNP? I Doubt It.
Egos, money, factionalism and more egos abound in other areas of the far right as well. The BNP is busy collapsing both structurally and politically. The BNP is suffering from resignations, defections and expulsions and the hopes of any electoral gain in the next year or two seem highly unlikely: Nick Griffclops is looking increasingly isolated and politically neutered; the reformists led by Eddy Butler have made no progress in mounting any effective challenge to Griffin; and the BNP continue to get negative media coverage, the most recent being a Welsh candidate over burning a copy of the Koran.

However, several BNP members have defected to the English Democrats, most notably Yorkshire ‘star’ Chris Beverley which emphasises a move away from blatant racism into something a bit more voter-friendly with words like ‘Civic Nationalism’ and without the heavy Nazi baggage of the BNP. How they fare in the polls will be interesting but, like most of these organisations, they are a single issue or protest vote. Voter apathy rather than ‘Civic Nationalism’ may secure a few seats on parish councils. Columnist for The Sun Gary Bushell is also backing the English Democrats so make of that what you will.

The fluffy splinter faction British Freedom Party – ‘It’s about culture not colour’ – are moribund and ineffectual. Former BNP ‘legal adviser’ Lee ‘Batty’ Barnes is pimping for them but he is mental. Batty Barnes recently published an appeal for unity amongst the far right at the Blackpool demo in May. This will no doubt be met with the usual silence that his missives produce. Fat chance fucko! Egos, money …

The National Front have been wheezing into action in between window-shopping at off-licences and buying incontinence pants. They have been making threatening noises about elections but really they only serve to further factionalise the far right despite their rather amusing motto ‘Strength Through Unity.’ Given that the NF is being steered by veteran splitter Eddy Morrison we can only assume this is an ironic statement.

The EDL’s strategy of flash demos is difficult to organise against and their attacks on public meetings necessitates adequate security. There have been rumours of them becoming a political party but this will just add to the numbers of tiny far right parties like the Fluffies and the NF and will mean a loss of membership. The demos are a good excuse for a piss-up and the vague possibility of a ruck. Party politics is not as glamorous. Anti-fascists will no doubt be heartened by the recent splits and Caxley-Trousers misfortunes, both legally and financially (See Malatesta blog). Like Griffin it could well be the money that does for him. The BNP is in serious trouble and it is only a matter of time before Griffclops is called to account by an increasingly disheartened membership and faces the implications of his legal and financial woes. Egos, money, factionalism and more egos …

PS. RE: Our Absence.
‘MacMalatesta’ is currently at HMP following a violent altercation in a Dundee cake shop with a hapless SDL supporter who ended up with more than egg-custard on his face. ‘Emma Goldman’ says she is ‘travelling’ although why she thinks Rhyl is on the backpacker trail we do not know. And ‘Malatesta’ is writing a book hence the lack of articles so far this year. Thanks to all who have reposted the articles.

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