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EDL in Brighton on Saturday 1st June

The English Defence League have announced they will be at the War Memorial on the Old Steine at 1pm, as part of a nationwide day of EDL presence at Centotaphs. They come to spread a message of hate. Just last month the people of Brighton came out en masse to reject them. Now the EDL are trying to use the murder of a young soldier to create more conflict.

Lee Rigby’s family have asked that no-one take advantage of his death, but that has made no difference to the EDL who can only see a political bandwagon and a chance to to spread racial discord.

We ask that people attend the war memorial this Saturday in a dignified and respectful manner at 12.30 to show that this tragedy will not divide us.

Strength in numbers… and silence in front of the law

flipflapBrighton Anti-Fascists estimate that at least two thousand people came out
on Sunday 21st April to protest against March for England and those right
wing racists and fascist that they brought to our town. It was a busy day
and chaotic. Our crowd was split by a massive police van blockade of our
widely advertised assembly point. This meant many people did not get a
chance to pick up the legal advice for protesters. Here’s a brief summary:

Stay calm.

If you are arrested, you have a right to consult a solicitor of your
choice. We recommend Kelly’s 01273 674898.

And, remember your rights. You have the right to remain silent. “No
comment” prevents information gathering that can be used against you and
on your friends.

In the aftermath the mobilisation against March for England, there have
been attempts to intimidate protestors on internet sites, in local news
media and by police.

If any of this is happening to you, let us know
( and 07534189668).