Roundup of a Crazy Weekend

This weekend has been very busy for antifascists around the country, with many demonstrations and some interesting (and worrying!) developments.

First off, SS wannabes National Action staged a “White Man March” in Newcastle. North East Antifascists, alongside London Antifascists and many other autonomous groups, confronted them and made sure they had a real shit time. Chants such as “Hitler was right!”, plus burning an LGBT and Israeli flag, got 9 of them (ie half of their demo) nicked for racial hatred. It ended with around 20 idiots standing protected by dozens of police, sieg heiling to an empty street. Well done guys, that was a major victory for the white race /sarcasm.

National Action idiot Ashley Bell giving a speech.

National Action idiot Ashley Bell giving a speech.

It would also appear not everyone was happy with NA's performance on the pavement.

It would also appear not everyone was happy with NA’s performance on the pavement.

In funnier news, appears that north of the border, in Edinburgh, PEGIDA UK only managed to pull 4 people to their demo outside the Scottish Parliament, opposed by around 200 antifascists.

In London, Brighton Antifascists, North London Antifascists and several autonomous groups attended the large M21 demo against racism and fascism. After handing out hundreds of fliers for upcoming antifascist mobilisations, we ran into 15 Britain First fascists, attempting to hold a “flash demo” against the UAF. After a frank exchange of views, BF were relieved of a Union Jack Flag (promptly burned) and their banner (kept as a trophy). Also their dignity. BF leader Paul Goldfish was reduced to yelling “ANTI-BRITISH TRAITORS!” over and over again from behind several police lines.

Antifascists with the seized BF banner.

Antifascists with the seized BF banner.

Now for the bad news. It appears that Tory MP Afzal Amin has been involved in a plot with the EDL to rig the vote in Dudley during the upcoming elections in May. In return for the EDL’s co-operation in calling a fake demo he promised to be their “unshakeable ally” in Parliament. Obviously this is incredible and dangerous. The EDL have very little credibility in the UK at the moment, and they must not be allowed to gain any through Parliamentary support. It is also clear from the leaked audio transcripts that Tommy Robinson, despite “quitting” the EDL in October ’13, still very much calls the shots within the organisation.

Just as worrying, but in a different way, is last night’s anti-Semitic attack on a synagogue in Stamford Hill, North London. This is exactly where Joshua Bonehill planned his “anti Jewification” march. While it is too early to say what happened, it is clear that anti-Semitic neo-Nazi types around the UK have gained courage from Bonehill’s lunatic ravings, and the actions of fascist groups like National Action. This should be a further call to arms for militant antifascists to force these people off the streets.

On that note, there are two large antifascist mobilisations coming up, both on the 4th April. The EDL will be attempting to march in Oxford, while PEGIDA UK, fresh from their failure in Edinburgh, will be attempting a rally in Central London.

See you on the streets, comrades!

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    Weekend roundup from Brighton Antifascists.

  2. Why did you burn the union jack? I’m proud of the uk and its multinational people and its history of sticking up for people, personnally I think burning their banner would have made more sense.

  3. I was on about more recent history than the empire! Dont think its a bad thing to be proud to be from the UK, if youre proud of the right things in our history.

  4. Well they had concentration camps and summary executions in Kenya in the 1950s, then there was Diego Garcia, the repression of the Miners strike, and Iraq. How recent do you mean? Did something good happen since yesterday lunchtime we might have missed. What will the Daily Mail say?

  5. Also there was the activism during the minors strike, the mass protests against the war in Iraq etc etc etc all mainly done by uk citizens. God it almost feels the same as arguing with the bloody fash, ffs

  6. And if you think burning the union jack helps in anyway please explain?

    • Exactly, good point. Why burn our own country’s flag. You lot cover your faces, why? Guess your all wanted by the law or you known to the police. You lot are the threats to our own country, you lot don’t deserve to be British. Your a disgrace and I’m not proud to be loyal to my country when you troublemakers walk our streets and get away with it. Nationalists would not behave in this way, try looking up the word. Morons.

  7. NO such thing as the Vritish Empire whilst you anti fascist idiots think Britain First are your enemy. All Britain First want it’s to protect our heritage and culture, where it the rasism or fascism in that. You should apologise to BF and hand them their banner back with an apology. You lot are trouble makers, rioters and the scum of this country. Burning our flag, you British people involved in this activity should be ashamed of yourselves. Scum, scum, scum.

  8. What does the miner’s strike and anti-war protest have to do with affinity to the abstract idea of a nation? Why should I feel a commonality with, say, David Cameron, just because we were born in the same arbitrary geographic territory?

  9. Good round-up, thanks. In case you hadn’t seen it, Bonehill’s mob are explicitly claiming responsibility for the synagogue attack:

    Oskar: the thing is what that flag represents. The police who repressed “the enemy within” were doing so as representatives of the British state, and that flag was flown by the troops who invaded Iraq. The miners and the anti-war protesters might be British citizens, but they weren’t flying the flag as part of their actions. Still, if you see the flag as representing the good things about this country, that’s up to you and there’s not much point in arguing about it, but I don’t think it’s that much of a stretch to see why some people have a problem with it. I’d never argue for flag-burning as being a particularly useful or constructive action in the abstract, but the specific act of burning flags taken as trophies from the fascists seems perfectly reasonable to me.

  10. Further more, you bunch of British scum idiots will be the first to beheaded if sharia laws and the muslims get to take over this country. Just remember, they don’t like the Christians, Jews, Catholics or any other religion other than they’re own. Wake up and shake up before you become public enemy number one if these radical muslim extremists get to rule our country.
    The government should round you lot up and send you to the front lines and fight for this country or get shot for treason. Good lads fighting our wars over seas to keep you mugs safe, it’s disgusting. You should seriously be ashamed of your ludicrous behaviour. Your all sick in the head.

  11. I am with Oskar on this one.

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    Very good write-up of this weekends events.

  13. I just think the best way to stop the facists is through numbers and burning the union jack is going to put some people off supporting the cause, as I said in the first comment, burning their twatty banner would be the best way to show disgust at them, because why should the flag of our union be allowed to be misused by them when good things have been done under it as well as the bad things that have been listed, the government isnt what i see when I see that flag, I see the people ive known like my grandad who was proud of our country and the things he did as a union man getting workers rights and what his brothers did fighting the nazis during the war, and these people are the people that shaped me and are what make me go on demos against the fascists and do what I can.

  14. Really not going to engage with trolls from scummy facist camps (bf etc) pretty pointless trying to intellectually make points with boneheads with brains as capable as donuts.

  15. The only thing I will point out to you trolls is, Britain first etc are the muslim extremists wet dream, they help Isis etc recruit. If you really wanted to stop extremism you’d actually engage and help people integrate instead of what you do do which just encourages it. Literally the last thing I’m going to type. Laters x

  16. Pretty much all aimed at you fez the fuckwit. Xxx

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