Rogues gallery

With March for England just in two days we thought it would be a good idea to present few choice specimens that are likely to make an appearance during this charming event.


First one is a relative newcomer. Ladies and gentleman, please say hello to Perry Andrews. At the first glance he looks innocent enough:

Don’t be fooled though- Perry is double hard and he is not afraid not say it on Facebook!

perry andrews



Next in the line is Jamie Brown from Burgess Hill, regular attendant of various far right events in Brighton and elsewhere. In 2011 Jamie bravely (and not very successfully) attacked an anti-racist meeting in Friends Meeting House. Says” Come on then” a lot.

brown1 9b










Scott Horwood from Littlehampton is a seasoned far right activist. Used to be in BNP, took part in attacking  Friends Meeting House in 2011,  recently seen at  UKIP meeting in Worthing and in general his face can be spotted during every dodgy, right wing event in the area. Certainly not a racist- honest.











Last but not least is our local right wing celebrity- Mark Crosby aka Face of Hate. Recently became bit more camera shy, perhaps due to his job in a busy venue. Puts up stickers about “going where he wants”. Doesn’t shout “come on then” since the “train station incident”.

1 2

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