London Calling: Saturday 29 June

London Calling: Oppose the EDL Saturday 29 June

Stephen Yaxley-Lennon and Kev Carroll – the leaders of the EDL – are planning to walk from Hyde Park to Woolwich on Saturday (Armed Forces Day). This is not being promoted as an “official” EDL event but is supposed to be a sponsored walk.  Lennon has also promoted it as a “walk of death” because he is planning to walk past the East London Mosque. Although he has recently stopped mentioning the Mosque as a point on the route, there’s no reason to assume he has dropped it the plan, given the prominence he gave to it. Press from Tuesday suggests it is still on the route and police are preparing for it as a flashpoint (another being passing through Newham).

Lennon and Carroll have said they are starting at the 7/7 memorial in the SE corner of Hyde Park (nearest tube Hyde Park corner, Piccadilly line). They haven’t advertised a time and haven’t called for EDL supporters to join them there. They are asking EDL members to meet them for the final mile in Woolwich at 14:00, ending at the Woolwich Barracks where there is an Armed Forces Day family fair. EDL members are being requested not to bring any EDL insignia and to come as “members of the public”.

The UAF have announced a meet up point for 11:00 at Speakers Corner in Hyde Park (nearest tube is Marble Arch, Central line). They have said they are marching to Altab Ali park in Whitechapel, which is next to the East London Mosque. They have asked people to bring travelcards and to be prepared for the assembly point and details to change.

South London Anti-Fascists are mobilising in Woolwich to oppose the EDL presence in the area. They are meeting at the Old Coronet Cinema/Gateway House, John Wilson St, Woolwich, London, SE18 6QQ at 11:00.

South London Antifascists call-out:

 UAF call-out:

Map of the route that Stephen Yaxley-Lennon tweeted on 13th June:

Link to info on police preparations preparing for flashpoints at Mosque and in Newham: woolwich.htm#.UcmNhdIhZOg.twitter

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