Stop the March for England 2013 (from Rough Music)

March for England morons plan yet another city centre St George’s day outing. Brighton plans another warm welcome.

Ever get the impression that some folk just can’t take a hint? Well it look as if the rhino skinned racists March for England (also known as the Toytown English Defence League) are heading back for another go at tarnishing the streets of the City-by-the Sea.

Despite having been comprehensively run out of town twice last year – on their annual St Georges day outing and then again on their June 4th revenge mission – they’re determined to put us all to the inconvenience of once more having to jeer at them/ block the roads with our bodies/ throw bottles/ set fire to bins in the street* on a Sunday.

This time round there’s no pretence that April 21st will be anything other an attempt to force unwanted and very un-Brightonian opinions down our collective throat. This isn’t a celebration, it’s a threat.

After they left town following this April’s humiliation , the March for England took to issuing idle online threats about bringing ‘a full EDL demo’ down to Brighton. Now that a national EDL demo is actually smaller than the turn out for MfE in its heyday (i.e under 200) we can safely take that as a hollow threat.

Across the country the English Defence League are in a steep nose-dive, but March for England supremo ‘Pompey’ Dave Smeeton clearly hopes to step into EDL Fuhrer Tommy Robinson’s recently vacated jackboots. Can the March for England take over where the EDL left off?

RM spoke to Stop MfE , the group behind last years successful counter-mobilisation ,“Brighton was a significant turning point for anti-fascism in the UK – we showed that a community united could drown out the message of hate. Others have followed suit and now the EDL are in decline”

See you on the streets!!

For more see those stalwart warriors at Brighton Anti-Fascists

*Delete according to personal preference or political inclination.

Police battle the people of Brighton to force the fascists through.

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Opposing fascism in Brighton and further afield.

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