EDL’s exploitation of young girls (by EDL news)

This article is too good no to re-post it 🙂 Real cynical face of EDL fully exposed by EDL news.

he English Defence League’s Exploitation of Young Girls

Published on Wednesday, 30 May 2012 08:19
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Blackburn Bernard Holmes - Child abuse images

By Gary Fieness Hastings and Simon Ireland:

The English Defence League, with their insistence that they have the welfare of children at heart have taken a major knock this week after EDL leader Tommy Robinson’s sleazy advances  were rebuffed by a 15 year old schoolgirl on Twitter …he then went on to subject her to a torrent of racist abuse.

As you would come to expect, Robinson refused to apologise to the girl, despite her stating she was open to an apology.

Earlier this week we brought you news that yet another EDL child sex offender has been outed.

Child sex-offender Matthew Woodward was found guilty of possessing child porn pictures and trying to groom a fifteen year old girl into taking pornograhic photographs.

Later in the week it was found that, as well as being an English Defence League member, he was also a Divisional leader of the Combined Ex Forces, a splinter group of the EDL with neo Nazi connections.

So far the EDL have kept silent about thi,s and refused to comment, much like the several other members of their organisation we have revealed as being involved in child abuse over the last two years. We find this rather strange, considering that they are holding a protest against Asians abusing children in Rochdale later this month.

Things have taken a further sinister twist this week as we reveal how English Defence League members have been taking photos of young girls from the Internet and using photoshop to turn them into images to promote race hate and violence.

A photographer has come forward and shown disgust at the far right group for using his images. It seems the little girl in question was the daughter of a family friend. This is the second time the photographer has asked the Blackburn Division to remove the image and so far they have failed to do so.

Two weeks ago, we asked Blackburn Division leader and convicted criminal, Bernard Holmes, if he had any intention of removing the photograph but received no response. Holmes has recently been released from prison for an attack on a Asian European MEP’s house and has previously served time for an unprovoked attack on a man outside a nightclub, leaving him with lifelong brain damage.

English Defence League Blackburn Division have had this image of a little girl along accompanied captions which blatently sexualize this picture of innocence for three weeks now.

This is not the only one we can reveal, the EDL have taken an image from the Internet and claimed it was a little girl hit by a bottle during their recent far right march in Brighton. As you will see, this is another instance of the EDL stealing pictures of young girls from the Internet and using the girls to propagate race hate and violence. It seems that girls under six years of age are fair game to use as propaganda for their race hate war.

The photographer and family friend of the little girl, took to the Blackburn Division’s Facebook wall today to request the removal again, asking why they would use the girl’s face for their mission, without the girl or her family getting any say in it.

Ever since a six year old was invited to speak at an EDL demo in Dudley a distasteful, nay sick. pattern has emerged within far right circles in this country, in which unapologetic use of child imagery has been promoted by the far right, most notably within EDL circles, with increasing regularity and equal prominance. This is a move that we should be both cautious and conscious about, but at the same time quick to condemn.

As if the Dudley incident wasn’t in poor taste enough, the use of that angle in the mystery surrounding the case of missing teenager Charlene Downes took the prominance of such behaviour to new heights of poor taste and bordering on exploitation.

Following the March For England (MfE) demonstration in Brighton in April, a thinly veiled front for an EDL presence on the South Coast, no disguise was made of this exploitation which has become centred on an alleged attack on what the EDL are referring to as a ‘Family Day Event For Patriots’ [sic].

It’s perhaps at this point that we should acknowledge that although the origins of MfE were at one time just that. Indeed the Gurkhas and Scouts have been involved on this march in the past, however, it has been hijacked unashamedly by the EDL who have gone to melodramatic lengths in their denial of this. It is of the upmost importance that we recognise the distinction between past MfE’s and the marches of 2011 and 2012.

The EDL under the guise of MfE have centred on an alleged attack on a 10 year old child at this years event. As there is a current investigation by Brighton Police we can neither comment or speculate upon that matter. It is in the hands of Law enforcement and the Police should be left free to conduct their investigation uninhibited by rumour and hearsay surrounding it.

However we feel that we should question the EDL and its supporters alleged propoganda surrounding the doctored images they are currently using to whip up an emotional response from the public and we would like to draw your attention to not one, but two, attempts to exploit children to promote the EDL’s cause :

The real image has come from an epilepsy site in the USA

Click here

The ethics of this behaviour are clearly questionable and the originator of the image makes no apology for its ‘creation’ and promotion. Chris Howard using his facebook admin name Laughing at the Muslim Defence League 2, gloats about creating the image.

Above: Chris Howard – originator of the ‘Brighton girl’ photo.

This is a man who makes no disguise of admiration of a former Balkan dictator responsible for the deaths of women and children

Click here for screenshot

And we have this screenshot.

It should also be noted that he also makes no disguise of his admiration of mass child murderer, Anders Breviek who is currently on trial for the murder of children.

Click here for screenshot.

What is inexplicable in light of the above, is the willingness of the EDL and its supporters to promote the use of child exploitation even further by it’s blatant use of the latest image to be circulated. Even the quite-rightly outraged demands of the father, of the latest child are ignored by the EDL in its drive to provoke an inciteful and emotive reaction.

Something that has also been clear to see this week, is EDL promoting their forthcoming Rochdale demonstration against Asian child abusers, but seemingly having no interest in addressing the abuse of children amongst their own ranks. Furthermore, there has not been one directive from leadership to stop using images of young girls to promote their racist agenda. To us, the blantant use of their images is abuse of the young girls who they have decided to drag into their seedy race hate campaign.

EDL News are happy to co-operate with any of the family of the victims or any criminal investigations that results from our article.

 Thanks to Tony Dunn and Andrew Preview’s cat.

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