Two more anti-fascists sentenced to prison

Two more UK anti-fascists have been given prison sentences. Thomas Blak and Austen Jackson were held on remand since their dodgy conviction in June, and appeared in Blackfriars court on Monday August 8th for sentencing.

Austen and Thomas were two of seven anti-fascists convicted on the basis of minimal evidence in relation to an altercation which took place between some anti-fascists and some neo-nazis near to a gig organised by the avowedly white supremacist promoters Blood and Honour. Despite the fact that there was no evidence that they had been involved in violence they were effectively fitted up and prosecuted for “conspiring” to cause violence on the basis that they were in the area to oppose the gig.

Ignoring the dubious nature of this conviction the judge continued his approach of handing down lenthgy prison sentences, sending down Thomas for 18 months and Austen for 15 months. This follows the 21 month sentences he already handed down to four anti-fascists. One further anti-fascist involved in this case is still on bail awaiting sentence.

All seven convicted are being persecuted because they were willing to stand in opposition to racism and fascism, and they fully deserve the support of anyone who considers themselves anti-racist or anti-fascist.

If you have not yet written to the prisoners please take this opportunity to do so. Messages from the outside let them know that there are many who stand in solidarity with them, and contact with people helps break down the monotony and isolation of prison life. For up to date addresses and more details on writing to the prisoners see:

Please also consider donating to their support campaign. The prisoners need money in their prison accounts in order to be able to buy what minimal “luxuries” they are permitted (cigarettes, vaguely edible food, stamps, reading material, etc.). Also many of them are being held far from family and friends, and donations can help pay for travel so they can receive personal visits. You can donate money through the Paypal link on the support group site:

Due to ongoing legal proceedings this case cannot be discussed in any more detail at this time. Please respect this and do not press for more information on this sensitive matter, or engage in online speculation.

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