EDL : Ruck on Tommy

from Schnews:

An attempted EDL attack on an anti-fascist benefit in Leeds was beaten off last Saturday. According to one eye-witness,“Around twenty of them tried to force their way through the door. They were forced back and soon legged it across the road where they had to resort to chucking bricks at the building.” This was the latest in series of EDL attacks on anti-fascist and left wing events The ‘Rage against Racism’ event was ambushed when only band members, bar staff and organisers were around. Cops arrived though and three of the invading group, identified as Bradford EDL,looked worse for a wear and majority of the group got nicked for their troubles. The gig, headlined by punk stalwarts the Oppressed, went ahead with a couple of boarded up windows. More R.A.R events are planned.

Across the country the EDL seem to be ramping up their efforts again with an attempt at multiple simultaneous demos across the country on July 9th – in Middlesbrough, Halifax, Derby, Cambridge and Plymouth. Previous regional demos have been characterised by low turn-outs as the rank and file only mobilise for the big ones. However they’ve also made threats to march through Tower Hamlets on 27th August. Previous attempts to do this have been abandoned as a ‘suicide mission’. Anti-fascists have promised to oppose them at every turn.

Police responses to future demos could be interesting as, following EDL leader Tommy Robinson’s arrest for public order offences, the EDL have decided to no longer cooperate with the police. Tommy’s not taken too kindly to his bail conditions (not that any of them would so much as ruffle a hunt sab’s feathers) and thrown his toys out the pram, stating:  “there will no longer be any Police Liaison…at all levels”.

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