Brighton Antifascists press release

Brighton Anti-Fascists press release:


Organisers of March for England (MFE) in Brighton revealed their true colours today. Despite claims made by Matt Silva (MFE spokesman) in a press release last week, that members of the English Defence League (EDL) and English Nationalist Alliance (ENA) would not be made welcome at their event, the number of recognised EDL and ENA members made up the majority of the attendees. Exposing the MFE organisers as outright liars and proving that what they say cannot be trusted.

St. Georges day celebrations were yet again high jacked by the far right today. The MFE march was far from the family event it claimed it would be. Participants of the march hurled racist and homophobic abuse at passers by and anti-fascist protesters whilst being escorted through town by the police. Sussex police did all they could to make the day as carefree as possible for the far right by using kettling tactics against anti-fascist demonstrators and making ‘preventative’ arrests, while the organisers of the march made absolutely no attempt to discourage the abusive behaviour.

Not fooled by their attempts to paint a liberal image of themselves ( ie making false statements and waving a rainbow flag whilst shouting “You lot take it up the arse!”) the march was interrupted by anti-fascist demonstrations throughout the day and the MFE didn’t quite get the stroll in the sunshine they may have been expecting.

We will continue to oppose any attempts by the far-right to spread their vile and divisive ideology.

Brighton Anti-fascists 24.04.2011

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Opposing fascism in Brighton and further afield.

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  1. The Bill should be charged with wasting public money, given the ludicrous number of officers they drafted in. Unbelievable, talk about overkill.

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